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University Open Days – Masters’ Degree Courses - academic year 2023/2024

During the week 27th February - 3rd March 2023 our University organizes the online University Open Days for Masters’ Degree Courses taught in English.

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Admission and registration procedures

Admission to Italian Universities is possible only if the student holds a Diploma di scuola secondaria superiore ("A" Levels/Higher School Certificate) gained after 5 years at a high school, or a recognized School Certificate gained abroad. In most cases, a test to ascertain the student's initial level of competences is compulsory.

Foreign students or Italians arriving from secondary school studies abroad are admitted once their qualifications have been judged suitable. Enrollment is open at all public Universities, except for the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science and at "Libere Università", but some courses have a quota. 

Non-EU future students, willing to enroll in master degrees taught in English, must request a preliminary online evaluation of their qualifications. 

Non-EU and EU future students wishing to enroll in:

  • a Bachelor's Degree program provided in Italian 
  • a Master's Degree program provided in Italian
  • a Master's Degree program provided in English 

Also you can find below useful information to read before leaving your country and before the enrollment.

ONLINE PRE-EVALUATION and enrollment information, academic year 2023/2024
Some Bachelor Degree Courses require compulsory tests

A compulsory test to ascertain the student's initial level of competences is required for admission to degree courses in the Faculties of Economics and Business Administration, Educational Studies, Engineering, Foreign Languages and Literatures (only for the Three-year degree course in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures), Human Sciences, and Law.

An admission test is required for admission to the Three-year degree course (Faculty of Educational Studies) in Psychological Studies (which has a quota of 300 enrolments).

Non-EU students further information

The Ministerial Procedures for enrolment of International students in Italian Universities will be published here.

In order to apply for the VISA complete the online Visa application and pre-enrolment procedure on the UniversItaly website