Visa, Permit of Residence and Tax code

Practical information

To enter Italy, European Union citizens must have a valid Identity Card or Passport.
Non-European Union citizens must present a passport on entering Italy. The passport will be stamped by Customs and permits entry for a period of three months. Visas are issued online  by the Italian Consulate in the country of residence  (usually within 90 days of application) and must specify the reason for entry, the length of stay and the destination. Now students can submit the application ONLINE  for a VISA  through UNIVERSITALY PORTALE
Italian law requires all foreigners to register with the Questura (Local Police) within 8 days of arrival; for those staying in hotels, hostels or camping areas, this registration is done automatically by the Hotel Reception.


Do you need a Visa ?

First of all register on UNIVERSITALY PORTALE  and  you will have access to all the resources and services of the UniversItaly portale.

Complete the online Visa application and pre-enrolment procedure on the UniversItaly website .

After  University of Bergamo verification  you will receive a notification in your email account specifying if the application has been approved or not.

If your application is approved, your pre-enrolment application will be transmitted to the Italian Representative. 

Italian Reprensentative will send  contact you  for further information about VISA 

Tax code

Non-resident individuals who need to obtain a tax code must get the ‘codice fiscale’ from AGENZIA DELLE ENTRATE once they are arrived in Italy

Students can also apply for the Italian codice fiscale at  he the Italian consular authority in their country before departing.


  • a copy of the passport, including the page with the Italian Visa
  • a copy of the pre-enrolment at the University of Bergamo
Residence permit (compulsory for NON-EU citizens)

Based on the latest provisions, EU citizens are no longer obliged to request the Residence Permit but should register at the Town Hall (Ufficio Anagrafe - Comune di Bergamo) after three months have elapsed from first entry. This will automatically involve a change of residence from their Home country to Italy, with all that it entails fiscally. In order to register, the following documents are requested:


Non-EU citizens that intend to stay in Italy for more than a 3-month period must apply for the Residence permit within 8 days of arrival, through certain Post Offices (please check with the International Relations Office for the list of Post Offices that offer the service).
The Residence Permit will have the same validity as the VISA.

The application KIT (yellow band) must be picked up at the Post Office and returned completed, with all required documents. The student must also pay:

  • € 70.46 (permit fee)
  • € 31.00 (for the application to be sent)

Required documents:

  • Copy of your Codice Fiscale
  • Copy of your Passport (personal data + VISA + all stamped pages)
  • Copy of the enrollment certificate (issued by Student's Office)
  • Copy of your Health Insurance Policy (which must be valid in Italy and should cover the whole period of the Permit of Residence)
  • A special stamp called ‘MARCA DA BOLLO’, costs € 16,00 (to buy at the Tobacconist) 
  • Copy of the declaration of hospitality (Issued by the landlord or a certificate issued by Servizio allo Studio)