Foreign Languages

CCL - Centro competenza lingue

The Language Centre (CCL - Centro competenza lingue) carries out foreign language learning activities (AAL - Attività di apprendimento linguistico). It organizes classroom and eLearning trainings in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, English, Russian and Spanish. The learning activities are held by native speakers of the related foreign language or by Italian speakers.

The Language courses are offered at different levels and take place in different University premises according to student's proficiency level.

Language Courses must be added in the Learning Agreement.

Recognition of language certifications

To obtain recognition of the international certification that you have obtained privately and that certifies your level of knowledge of one or more foreign languages, download and fill in the relevant form (Forms > Recognition of credits and certifications).

The form, duly filled and printed, must be delivered to the Student secretariat.
The Student secretariat accepts certifications throughout the academic year, but students must wait for the first Course of Study Council to be validated. The secretariat will then update the student's record book.

You may view and download information on the recognition of certifications, organised for the foreign language of your choice and the Department to which your degree course belongs.


CIS (Corsi di italiano per stranieri)

CIS (Italian Language Courses for Foreigners) is a section of the CCL and, among its various teaching activities, offers courses of Italian Language and Literature for Foreigners, both intensive (2, 3, 4 weeks) and non-intensive (15 weeks). It also develops and organises international training (such as the Marco Polo Project) and exchange programs.
In the eLearning sector, the University has developed and is currently structuring several different paths to provide Italian language courses for foreigners online (through web technologies). Among the most recent projects, CIS offers a blended learning course of modern and contemporary Italian Literature for Arabic-speaking users.

For further information, please check this page.