Academic Bodies

The Rector

Prof. Remo Morzenti Pellegrini

The Rector is responsible for the legal representation of the University.

Term of office: 1/10/2015 – 30/9/2021


Prof. Giancarlo Maccarini - Deputy Vice-chancellor

Prof. Fulvio Adobati - Relations with institutional and local bodies

Prof. Paolo Buonanno – Scientific Research and Institutional Communication

Prof. Sergio CavalieriTechnology transfer and innovation

Prof. Matteo KalchschmidtInternationalization and international relations

Prof. Stefania Maci - Education and student affairs

Prof. Barbara Pezzini Equal opportunities

Prof. Domenica Giuliana SandroneVocational guidance, traineeship and work placement

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is composed as follows:

  • Rector (President)
  • Heads of Department
  • Full Professors Representatives
  • Associate Professors Representatives  
  • Researchers Representatives 
  • Administrative and technical staff Representatives
  • Students Representatives
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed as follows:

  • Rector (President)
  • University External Staff Members
  • University Staff Members
  • Students Representatives