Enrollment deadlines

Bachelor and single cycle degrees deadlines

Starting from academic year 2020-2021, admissions to bachelor and single cycle degree courses are limited and conditional to an entry test. 

Following the suspension of activities in presence, spring session in 2020 is suspended.

Starting from the end of May 2020, UniBg, in collaboration with CISIA, will propose a new test mode, the TOLC @ CASA (TOLC @ home).

Those who do not have the opportunity to take the TOLC @ CASA will have the opportunity to take the TOLC at the university locations in July and August according to a schedule that will be communicated towards the end of May in case the emergency situation stops.

  • By August 31th, 2020
    TOLC support with registration on the CISIA portal within 6 days from the date of the test;
  • By August 31st
    Registration for the selection (pre-registration);
  • By September 7th
    Publication of the rankings;
  • By September 14th
    Acceptance of the place, filling in the registration application and paying the fee of 156 euros (regional tax + stamp duty paid virtually).

Any places still available and how to proceed with acceptance will be published by 21 September 2020.

The only exception is Scienze della Formazione primaria: this course provides a different enrollment procedure. To know the deadlines, consult the course website (ITA).

Master degrees deadlines


  • First time window: from April 1st to May 29th 2020
  • Second time window: from July 1st to September 18th 2020


  • From July 13th to October 30th 2020
Taxes deadlines

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