Courses Catalogue

The University of Bergamo offers to Incoming Erasmus/Exchange students a wide choice of courses at the Bachelor and Master level. The list of courses is updated once a year by each Department. Our degree courses are made up of teaching units

The research of teaching units can be done by teaching period, teacher, unit or degree course, selecting the course catalogue page.

 Please check very carefully the teaching period (Semestre) in which units are held:

  • Primo Semestre > First Semester (Autumn Semester - from September to December) > Exams will take place between January and February.
  • Secondo Semestre > Second Semester (Spring Semester - from February to June/July) > Exams will take place in June and July.
  • Annualità singola > Annual (from September to June/July) > Exams will be in June and July.


Incoming Erasmus/Exchange students can select units from all Departments keeping in mind that at least 50% of the chosen teaching units must belong to the study field of the agreement under which they have been nominated.