Students’ contribution consists in paying two yearly installments:

  • The first installment can range between 0,00 and 400,00 €
    no payment is required for costs below 10,00 €
  • The second installment is calculated by the difference between comprehensive contribution and the payment of the first installment
    up to an amount of 430,00 € first and second comprehensive contributions will be combined.

When enrolling in the first or following years, all students must pay 156,00 € (stamp duty and regional right to university education tax), regardless of the course of studies, of full or part time enrolment or of the number of years attended.

Comprehensive Contribution

Comprehensive Contribution is calculated based on:

  • Tax paying range according to ISEE (Economic status indicator)
  • Number of enrolled years compared with normal course duration
  • Full time or part time attendance

Refer to Taxes and benefit page for further information on: 

  • How to calculate contribution (contribution ranges / amounts divided by didactic areas in Degree Courses)
  • no-tax area, part-time, reductions, tax cuts, tax relief, refunds, general conditions
  • paying procedures
  • deadlines, late payment
  • students with residence and income abroad