Learning Disabilities and Special Needs

The University of Bergamo guarantees to all its students indiscriminately the right to study, equality and full participation in the University life in its various forms.

Services for Learning Disabilities and Special Needs Students
Exemption from enrolment taxes

Total exemption from enrolment taxes for those whose disability is assessed at over 66%. Students with disabilities between 46% and 65% pay 50% of the enrolment taxes.
The exemption request must be submitted through the Student web access area according to the procedures specified on the Fees, Grants and Scholarships page.

Contributions for studying abroad

Students with special needs can apply for the allocation of contributions offered by the National Agency SOCRATES Italy (ERASMUS Sector) on European Union funds by participating in the selections called by the International Office and by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Service on funds of the Region.

For further information, please check the page (ITA): Disabilità e DSA.