Amazon Lockers in UniBg

Amazon Locker: where and why?

Having a safe and secure collection point is a great convenience for all those people who, for various reasons, cannot guarantee physical presence at home at the time of delivery.

This type of delivery requires a signature that certifies the delivery, and this also explains why the Amazon Lockers are so efficient:

  1. Pick-up points have very flexible schedules
  2. Shipping is in one day, which speeds up the time of receipt of the goods
  3. The service is completely automated: just enter the code on the screen of the chosen station to withdraw purchases from the assigned mailbox.


UniBg offers everyone the opportunity to use the Amazon Lockers, installed in the three dates in three different locations:

The lockers will all be active within a few days and will be accessible from the dedicated Amazon Locker search portal.

Every Locker has a name
Amazon Locker Mariacarla


Fun fact: every locker has its own identifying name, a personal name, just as if it were a trusted person.
The Locker in Caniana, for example, is mariacarla.