Dalmine is the home of the Engineering campus, formed by the School of Engineering and its two departments:

  • Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Management, Information and Production Engineering

School of Engineering


How to reach the Campus


  • Line 5 – running every 15', connects Porta Nuova and the Station with the Villaggio degli Sposi, Lallio, and then branches off into two directions, both passing through the headquarters of the Faculty of Engineering in Viale Marconi. One of the two branches continues to Osio Sopra. In the opposite direction, line 5 also connects the city center with the station of Bergamo with Gorle, Scanzorosciate, Pedrengo, Villa di Serio.
  • UniBG Shuttle - 3 more trips a day (Monday to Friday) of line 5 at 8.15 a.m., 8.30 a.m. and 8.45 a.m. respectively, departing from Bergamo Bus Station to Dalmine. The three routes only stop respectively in Via dei Caniana (at the University) and at the shelters in Dalmine, near the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences.           
  • Connection between Verdellino railway station and Dalmine - scheduled to coincide with the arrival of the train from Milan at 8.45 a.m. – full timetable of line V10.
  • Line 10 – running every 15' connects the city center of Bergamo (Porta Nuova) with Treviolo and the center of Dalmine, including the University, and then continues to the towns of Sabbio (11A) or Brembo (11B). In the opposite direction, line 11 also connects the city center of Bergamo with Redona, Ranica and Torre Boldone.
  • By the lines in concession to Autoservizi Locatelli, you can reach Dalmine from Bergamo, Curno, Osio Sopra, Ponte San Pietro, Treviolo and, directly or via connections, from almost all the towns of the so called 'Isola Bergamasca' (Island of Bergamo).
  • The timetables of the buses departing from the shelters in front of the railway station square in Bergamo and the TBSO service to Boltiere, Brembate, Canonica d'Adda, Capriate san Gervasio, Osio sotto, Trezzo d'Adda, Vaprio d'Adda are available on the website of Regione Lombardia.
Campus history

The very first unit was located in Via Marconi, built in the 1930s as a nursing home for former employees of the company Dalmine who had been declared unfit for work. It is annexed to a small hospital. The project was designed by architect Giovanni Greppi: a three-storey building with a curved glass corner wall for the internal staircase, a trabeated portico and side driveway. The proposed destination was not as successful as expected, so the management transformed the building into a heliotherapy colony and during the Second World War some of the interiors were used as lodgings for officers, the Industrial Technical School and for other educational purposes, until it became the headquarters of the Esperia. The University was established at the end of the nineties, including laboratories, a main hall with 900 seats, a cafeteria, classrooms and offices created by converting warehouses, a mechanical workshop, an infirmary, and a cycle depot respectively. The latter features a brick façade, and, in addition to the bicycles, it will also host cars.