To apply online for the final examination, you must login through the Online Students’ helpdesk and access the Graduation section, following the instructions indicated in Online Procedures: we will guide you.

Notwithstanding the following physical application delivery, duly filled in and signed, complete of all attachments, within the Didactic Calendar deadlines.

Starting from September/October/November 2017 Graduation sessions, graduation applications will be carried out exclusively online, without a further physical delivery.
For further information, please consult the relevant Students’ Handbook section.

If you have any difficulties with graduation application, please follow guided procedure.

How to apply for graduation thesis

Students must present their final work on paper.

Anti-plagiarism norms and validation

We here remind you of the fundamental ethical and moral aspects of the topic:

Art. 6, comma 1 from University of Bergamo Ethical Code:
«Members of University community must respect current legal norms in terms of intellectual property and plagiarism».

Art. 5, comma 2 from the Charter of students’ rights and responsibilities:
«Students have the ethical and juridical duty to avoid carrying out any kind of plagiarism both in the preparation of exams which imply writing a paper and for the preparation of their final graduation project».

As established by Laws 475/1925 and 633/1941.

The supervising teacher may check students’ papers through the application of Magister software by

If a significant percentage of similarity with other sources is found out, the supervising teacher will assess if there have actually been irregularities in source treatment, contacting the interested student, and eventually decide to take action.

For teachers: to use Magister software and have access to unlimited and free credits, simply login from this page (section "Reserved to Magister accounts" – Connect to your Institute", chose Access, select " University of Bergamo " and insert your Online Students’ helpdesk credentials/ Wi-Fi web).

Graduating students Questionnaire – AlmaLaurea

University of Bergamo participates in the interuniversity association AlmaLaurea, a database which was born in 1994, collecting a vast documentation concerning all graduates from the participating Universities. The aim is to facilitate students’ access to the professional world, also helping companies in personnel research, reducing the distance between qualified job offers and demand.

All necessary information is collected when filling in the final exam admission application, through the Graduating students Questionnaire, a useful tool also for the University to improve its educational offer and available services.

Registration to AlmaLaurea portal can be done through the Online Students’ helpdesk.

Typographical rules