Erasmus - Incoming students

This page is intended for those students who have been selected and nominated by their Home University to participate in the Erasmus+/Exchange program with the University of Bergamo. The following procedure is valid if the University of Bergamo signed a bilateral agreement with the Partner University.


This year Academic Courses  are going to start on October 4th 2021.

Academic Calendars at the University of Bergamo depend on the Department where you are going to study. 
Students should consult their own departments calendar for end of courses and exams' sessions.


Admission. Application and Learning agreement deadlines


Partner Institutions should send a short notice via email to including the following info for each student:

  • Erasmus code Home Institution (if applicable):
  • complete name
  • nationality
  • gender
  • email address
  • Field of study/subject of the bilateral agreement
  • Study cycle (bachelor/master level)
  • chosen semester of study (First semester /Second semester/Full academic year)

Deadlines for nominations

  • May 15th: (Winter semester or the whole academic year)

  • October 1st: (Spring semester)

Before starting to fill in the forms, Exchange/Eramus+ students should first contact their International Office.


Students officially nominated must fill out the Application online . Once submitted the Online Apllication, students must collect the following relevant documents (as PDF) and send them by email

  • The official Transcript of Records (listing all exams taken at the Home University prior to mobility).
  • a document stating the level of Italian competence issued by the Language Instructor at the home University or proof of English Competence Level- mandatory - (if applicants choose courses taught in English);
  • a copy of adequate health insurance for NON-EU students (or equivalent) or Health Insurance Card for EU students;
  • a copy of passport or Identity card.

Deadlines to submit forms and documents are:

  • June 15th: Winter semester/academic year

  • November 1st: for Spring semester 

After the deadline above, an Acceptance email with other relevant info (such as Course Catalogue, how to reach Bergamo and online registration and so on) will be sent to all students who have submitted documents.

Incomplete applications (missing signatures/ information/documents) or any application that is handwritten, or modified in any way, will not be accepted.


Erasmus/Exchange students are requested to submit the Learning Agreement for studies – before mobility - properly filled in, signed by the student and the student’s Home University Coodinator by the deadlines listed as follows:

  • August 30th (students who come for the 1st semester/full academic year) 
  • November 1st (students who come for the 2nd semester)

Please note: 

  1. The Learning Agreement should be typed and not handwritten.
  2. Table A and B are compulsory and must be completed in detail.

The International Office will send to nominated students further information on how to submit online Learning Agreement.

Accommodation - Apply now!

Apartment Accommodation
As Erasmus/Exchange student you will be given the chance to rent a flat through the Accommodation Service of the University of Bergamo. Before you apply, please make sure you have first completed the Admission/Registration procedure and sent the needed forms to the International Office.

The Accommodation Service supports Erasmus (KA 103 and KA107)/Exchange Students in finding accommodation in private apartments and in signing related contracts.

Students can choose in what kind of room they would like to stay (a double room for 290 Euros/month OR a single room for 370 euros/month). The flats are fully furnished, however, bed linens and towels are not provided.

Accommodation bookings open:

After June 30th: for the 1st semester (Autumn semester or Full Academic year)

After November 1st: for the 2nd semester (Spring semester)

Please request the password at the following link, to check available rooms.

In addition, all students have to pay a deposit fee of 300 euros to be refunded at the end of tenancy.
Rents are to be paid to the owners at the beginning of each month.

The contract registration fee is approximately 100 euros.
At the end of your study period, you will be required to pay a final cleaning of 30 euros.

For further information, please write to:

Temporary Accommodation
If you need an accommodation for the first few days, you can easily find:

During mobility

Study mobility
Students are requested to stay in Bergamo until the end of their exam session. Do not leave without notifing the International Office beforehand.
Students can find official timetable at the following link:

Changes to the Learning Agreement 

Erasmus/Exchange students can change their Learning Agreement within three weeks after the beginning of classes. Changes shall be modified by filling in the form below. It must be supervised by the international Office and approved by the Departmental Coordinator in Bergamo. 
In any case, an appointment by email should be requested to the International Office. Consequently, students shall send by email their Learning Agreements to Home University for the final approval and bring them back to University of Bergamo/International Office signed and stamped.

Please find below the related form.

Sportello Internet Studenti

Students can check and read information related to their university career, in a restricted-access web area, where students can:

  • monitor their career (libretto)
  • register for exams (appelli – bacheca prenotazioni)

Please login with your personal User ID and password you received authomatically through the Online Pre-registration.


Students are not authomatically registered for the exams. At the University of Bergamo you have to register for each exam on your “Sportello Internet”, in order to sit them. You can register for the exams until 5 days before the exam date.
Students have to pass written and/or oral examination at the end of the course. According to Italian law, exams may be oral/written, may be practical tests, graphic tests, mini-thesis, interviews, etc.
The exam calendars are available on the UniBg website. In Italy, the exam dates are called “appelli d’esame”. They refer to the dates set by your Department in which you can take the final exams. Usually (except for written languages exams - only one appello), there are at least two “appelli d’esame” and therefore, you can choose, among the available dates, when to take your exams.
Some Departments have mid-term/partial exams (“prove intermedie or prova in itinere”). The teacher will point it out at the beginning of the course.

The minimum grade to pass the exam is 18/30. The highest mark is (30/30 cum laude). Students may refuse to accept a mark awarded if they are not satisfied with the result and may re-sit the exam. If a student fails an exam by a very small margin, they are not given 17/30 – they must re-sit the exam in any case.
Please note that certain courses may be taken under the pass/fail option. Under such registration, the only final grades available to the student are Pass (Idoneo) or Fail. That means that the exam is passed, the credits are assigned but no grade appears on the transcript.

If a student fails an exam, they may sit it again by choosing the next available date in the exam session. Please be aware that if you want to re-sit an exam you shall be physically present in Bergamo.
The re-examinations will NOT be faxed, sent or e-mailed to the Home Institution in case the student has already returned to his/her Home country. For this reason, students are required to stay in Bergamo until the end the exam session or - at least - until all exams have been registered.

For further details please contact us: ticket


Language requirements and Italian language courses - Apply now!

(Levels refer to the Common European Language  Framework -  CEFR).

Italian Language Courses 

The General Italian Language Courses are organized each semester at CIS (centro di Italiano per Stranieri) to help students improve their language competences. Different levels (A2/B1/B2/C1/C2) will be available. For this reason, at the beginning of the semester a Placement Test is held in order to check the Italian Proficiency.
Incoming Erasmus/Exchange Students in the framework of the Erasmus programme can enroll in the General or Intensive Italian Language Courses by completing an ON-LINE Application form. The International Office will inform students as soon as it is ready. ( in July)

The courses are free of charge.

General Italian Language Courses can be added in Learning Agreements. At the end of each semester students are required to take the final exam to get 5 credits. The credits will be registered in the final Transcript of Records. In addition, special courses (cultura italiana - linguaggio economico - scrittura - saper argomentare) allow students to get 3 credits.
The courses will be held on the premises of the University.

Moreover, Intensive Italian Language courses are offered before the beginning of each semester. They last one/two weeks.No credits will be assigned for such activities since the latter are Preparatory Courses only. They are not mandatory but highly recommended. Students can read the document below.

Italian language courses's schedule  2021-2122: NOW PUBLISHED on the dedicated page.

Online application now open! Fill the online form!


Course catalogue 2021/2022 - Now published!

Each Department sets and approves the Course catalogue yearly. Course catalogues for a.y. 2021-2022 will be available from July onwards.
Please note that though most courses don’t differ from one year to the next, the semester in which the courses are held might change.

In addition, each Department offers some English taught subjects at Master's and Bachelor's Level

 The Department of Management in partnership with the University of Columbia (Missouri) organizes English taught courses as a part of the Summer Business Program 

Erasmus welcome day - Coming soon!

 To be published soon!

Before leaving Bergamo

At least one week before the departure Erasmus/Exchange students are required to:

  • arrange an appointment by email or through Prenotazioni servizi di Sportello with the International Office to check the academic career together;
  • submit the online Questionnaire;
  • visit the Accommodation Office in orded to request the return of the deposit and learn how to leave your room keys;
  • return the books to the University Libraries;
  • email or bring the Confirmation of attendance/Certificate of departure to the International Office (the Home University usually requires a certificate stating the exchange/study period dates)

Transcript of records
The original transcript of records will be sent directly to Home University. Students will receive a copy by email.
The Transcript will be sent out:

  • in March - if you come for the 1st semester (Winter semester);
  • in July / August: - if you come for a full academic year or for the 2nd semester (Spring semester).

Please note that no preliminary transcript will be issued at the departure.

Only courses indicated in your Learning Agreement will be mentioned in the transcript (the courses deleted and modified by the set deadline for the changes, will not be listed).
Moreover, if you decide not to take the exam or if the course is failed, on transcript the courses will be shown with an “F - fail” and “0”- no credits.

Please be aware that the Italian language courses will be mentioned in the transcript too.

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) and Conversion Grade System
The use of ECTS is the only credit system which has been successfully tested and used across Europe, as it makes study programs and qualifications more transparent and facilitates the recognition of qualifications.
Universities that joined the ECTS system are required to use the new table of ECTS grades, based on the percentage distribution of grades. The ECTS scale, divided into 5 levels, was abolished and has been replaced by the ECTS labels.

Overseas students : Visa application

To enter Italy, European Union citizens must have a valid Identity Card or Passport.
Non-European Union citizens must present a passport on entering Italy. The passport will be stamped by Customs and permits entry for a period of three months. Study Visas are issued  by the Italian Consulate in the country of residence  (usually within 90 days of application) and must specify the reason for entry, the length of stay and the destination.

Students can submit the application ONLINE  for a STUDY VISA  through UNIVERSITALY PORTALE
Italian law requires all foreigners to register with the Questura (Local Police) within 8 days of arrival; for those staying in hotels, hostels or camping areas, this registration is done automatically by the Hotel Reception

Do you need a Visa ?

Overseas students (except U.K. students)

Nominated oversease student will receive an invitation letter from the International Office.

Register on UNIVERSITALY PORTALE  and  you will have access to all the resources and services of the UniversItaly portale.

Complete the online Visa application  procedure on the UniversItaly website . (upload  copy of your invitation letter, copy of your passport and copy of transcripts of records)

After  University of Bergamo verification  you will receive a notification in your email account specifying if the application has been approved or not.

If your application is approved it  will be transmitted to the Italian Representative. 

Italian Reprensentative will contact you  for further information about VISA and to arrange an appointment.

U.K. students

Nominated students  from U.K. will receive an invitation letter from the international office. They should contatct Italian Embassy or Consulate in United Kingdom in order to apply for the VISA.

Italian law requires all foreigners to register with the Questura (Local Police) within 8 days of arrival; for those staying in hotels, hostels or camping areas, this registration is done automatically by the Hotel Reception.

The International Office will support all the students in the application procedure for the Residence Permit in Italy.