Erasmus - Incoming students

This page is intended for those students who have been selected and nominated by their Home University to participate in the Erasmus+/Exchange program with the University of Bergamo. The following procedure is valid if the University of Bergamo signed a bilateral agreement with the Partner University.


Admission: 2024/25 Nomination + Application procedure

STEP 1: NOMINATION by International Office

Partner Institutions should fill in the following NOMINATION FORM including the following info for each student:

  • Erasmus code Home Institution (if applicable):
  • complete name
  • nationality
  • gender
  • email address
  • Field of study/subject of the bilateral agreement
  • Study cycle (bachelor/master level)
  • chosen semester of study (First semester /Second semester/Full academic year)

Deadlines for nominations

  • May 15th: (Winter semester or the whole academic year)

  • October 1st: (Spring semester)



Online registration 

After the Deadline nomination, students will receive an email about the access code and details how to start the online registration.

Online application 

Once registered, students can start the online application procedure

Here the compulsory  documents and certificates that students have to submit during the online application process.

  • The official Transcript of Records – English version (listing all exams taken at the Home University prior to mobility), signed and stamped by the home University;
  • a A2 Italian Competence Level, if only courses taught in Italian will be attended OR a B1 English Competence Level if applicants choose courses taught in English OR both Laguage competences (A2 Italian level and B1 English level) if courses in both languages will be attended;
  • The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for EU students OR an adequate private Health Insurance valid in Italy for the whole study period abroad for NON EU students. It is necessary to check the expiry date of the date before the departure and to be sure to renew it in time in case of expiry during the mobility period.
  • a copy of the  Identity card  or passport (Non EU students have to submit a valid passport).

Application and certificates sent by email will not be accepted.

Deadlines to submit forms and documents are:

  • June 15th: Winter semester/academic year 

  • November 1st: for Spring semester 

After the deadline above, an Acceptance email with other relevant info (such as Course Catalogue, how to reach Bergamo and other useful info) will be sent to all students who have submitted documents.

Incomplete applications (missing signatures/ information/documents) or any application that is handwritten, or modified in any way, will not be accepted.

Erasmus Registration and Application Guide

Online registration 

Students will receive from mid May onwards an information email with an access code to start the online registration.

Please note: do not start the registration without the access code!


Online application 

Once registered, students can start the application procedure and upload required certificates.

Deadlines to submit forms and documents are:

  • June 15th: Winter semester/academic year 

  • November 1st: for Spring semester

  • After a feew weeks students will receive an acceptance email with other relevant info  will be sent to all students

Please check the Registration and Application Guide  before starting the online procedures!

Before leaving home: 2023-2024 Academic Calendars

The 2023/24 Academic Calendars for each Department  are now  available.

Academic Calendars at the University of Bergamo depend on the Department where you are going to study. 
Here you can find the Academic Calendars divided for each Department.

The lectures and exams of the bachelor’s, master’s and single-cycle master’s degree courses in the a.y. 2023/24  will take place exclusively in person at the university.


Before leaving home: course catalogue and Learning Agreement


    After checking the Course catalogue fill in the before mobility Learning Agreement and make sure to enter the  correct course code, course title, semster and credits.

    The before mobility Learning Agreementsign need to be signed by  the Erasmus/Exchange student, the Home University Coodinator and then send by email to the University of Bergamo International Office for final approval and signature by the deadlines listed as follow:

    • August 30th (students who come for the 1st semester/full academic year
    • November 1st (students who come for the 2nd semester)

    The Learning Agreement should be typed and not handwritten. Table A and B are compulsory and must be completed in detail


    Students coming for full Academic Year must sign up to 60 credits and students coming for one semester to 30 credits.

    Erasmus+ students (are asked to choose 50% of the courses in the Department for which they have been selected.

    Before leaving home: language requirements and Italian language courses

    Levels refer to the Common European Language  Framework -  CEFR

    Italian Language Courses (Centro Italiano per stranieri)

    Incoming students should have a minimum of knowledge of Italian to allow them to attend classes and exams. The minimum reccommended level is A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. 

    Before the beginning of each semester Intensive praparatory  Italian Language courses are offered.They last one/two weeks.They are not mandatory but highly recommended. The courses are free of charge. No credits will be assigned. 

    During the semesters, General Italian Language Courses and special courses are organized at CIS (Centro di Italiano per Stranieri) to help students improve their language competences.  At the beginning of the semester a Placement Test is held.
     The courses are free of charge. Credits will be assigned.

    APPLICATION: ONLINE APPLICATION FORM (2023/2024): click here

    The credits will be registered in the final Transcript of Records. The courses will be held on the premises of the University.

    For further information please check the following webpage Centro Italiano per Stranieri click here or  write to [email protected]


    Before leaving home: Housing/Accommodation

    Apartment Accommodation

    As Erasmus/Exchange student you will be given the chance to rent a flat through the Accommodation Service of the University of Bergamo.

    Please check Cercoalloggio webpage,  login with id and pw given by University during the application procedure and check the list of available rooms.

    Before you apply for accommodation, please make sure you have first completed the Erasmus Admission/Registration procedure  with the  International Office.

    Housing applications are processed only by the Accommodation Office  and the International Office has no influence on that process.



    After June 1st: Applicants nominated  for the 1st semester (Winter Semester) or Full Academic year

    After November 1st: Applicants nominated for the 2nd Semester (Spring Semester)

    Erasmus Students will be informed by email when the bookings will be available.

    All students have to pay a deposit fee to be refunded at the end of tenancy.
    Rents are to be paid to the owners at the beginning of each month.

    The contract registration fee is approximately 100 euros.
    At the end of your study period, you will be required to pay a final cleaning .

    The Accommodation Service supports Erasmus (KA 103 and KA107)/Exchange Students in finding accommodation in private apartments and in signing related contracts.

    For further information and details, please write to: [email protected] 
    Temporary Accommodation
    If you need an accommodation for the first few days, you can easily find:

    Before leaving home: Non-Eu students entry requirements and entry Visa


    If you are a non-EU citizen and wish to study in Italy for more than 90 days, you need a Visa to enter Italy. If you stay for less than 90 days, find out from the Embassy (or Consulate) if you require a visa.

    Important: you must apply for a Visa for "Study –Exchange and Mobility Programme".Please check Visa and rules for residence in Italy

    To apply for a visa you must:

    • contact the Embassy / Consulate in the country of your residence to find out the requirements to obtain an entry visa for "Study –Exchange and Mobility Programme" and make an appointment if necessary.
    • check the following website Travel to Italy and entry rules (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    • Please note you must apply well in advance for the visa, as the visa process can take several months.

    Non-European Union citizens must get a valid  passport. 

    The Invitation letter will be issued by the International Office in late June. (after the International Office has received all Application Documents)


    Register on UNIVERSITALY PORTALE  and  you will have access to all the resources and services of the UniversItaly portale.

    Complete the online Visa application  procedure on the Universitaly website: Choose Università di Bergamo  > course Information/Nome corso indicato: put the course name as indicated in your invitation letter  > Course type choose: Corso Singolo/Single Course > upload copy of your invitation letter, copy of your passport and copy of transcripts of records, copy of your language certificate.

    The University of Bergamo is in charge for the first verification you will receive a notification in your email account specifying if the application has been approved or not.

    If your application is approved it will be transmitted to the Italian Representative. 

    Italian Representative will contact you  for further information about Visa and to arrange an appointment.


    If you are a student from the United Kingdom (UK) or from another non-EU country residing in the United Kingdom, carefully read the instructions on the website of the competent Consulate in London for "Exchange and mobility programs" and  arrange an appointment at the competent Consulate for the Visa application.

    Among the required documents there is: original recent letter (not older than 1 month) of acceptance from University in Italy, specifying the type of course, number of weekly hours and dates, request the letter well in advance (about 20 days) to [email protected]  and proving the date of your appointment.


    If you are enrolled at a University in the European Union (Schengen Area) and you have a residence permit for study purposes issued in a member country of the European Union (Schengen Area) which covers the entire mobility period and which is renewable in the country where it was issued, you must check at the Visa Office of the Embassy of Italy in the country where you currently reside and study, if you are exempted from a Visa.

    It is recommended to have a written reply by e-mail from the Visa Office. In this case, upon arrival you will have to make the declaration of presence and you will not have to apply for a residence permit.

    If the Embassy/Consulate offers this service, also apply for the issue of an official Italian tax code (codice fiscale).

    PERMIT OF RESIDENCE: once in Italy all foreigners have to register with the Questura (Local Police) within 8 days of arrival.

    The International Office will support ALL NON EU STUDENTS in the application procedure of the Italian Residence Permit. An appointment is required  with the Incoming Erasmus Office - Via San Bernardino 72/E. 

    For further details, please refer to the following paragraph (below) : NON EU STUDENTS - RESIDENCE PERMIT



    At your arrival: Welcome meetings and Info desk


      The University of Bergamo will welcome you with its team of students like you who have already had an Erasmus experience during their studies and are looking forward to supporting you during your mobility. Information meetings completely dedicated to Erasmus and Exchange incoming Students during which we will introduce University of Bergamo services. At the end of the meeting you will visit the Campus with Erasmus Tutor.

      Please note: during the meetings we will collect your arrival certificate and register your arrival. 

      • 12 February 2024, 2pm - 4pm, room 2 Via  Pignolo, 123  (Humanities Campus ) 
      • 15 February 2024, 2.30 pm - 4pm, room 11 – Via dei Caniana,2  (Economic Campus)

      Engineering students are invited to a specific meeting on February 23rd at  14.30 p.m. - Engineering Campus, Viale Marconi, 5 Dalmine - Building B, room B102

      The Departments of the University of Bergamo are located in different places.

      Please check the location of your campus: Campuses


      Tutors will also assist students in their academic life through emails and virtual meetings. They can be contacted for general information or to book an online appointment at 

      (link sends e-mail)

      In case of any general question about the University services or the City of Bergamo Tutor will support Erasmus students through information desk:

      • From 12 to 16 February 2024, 08.45 am - 2pm,  Via Pignolo, 123 (Humanities Campus)
      • From 19 to 29 February 2024 9am - 1pm / 2pm - 4pm, Via dei Caniana, 2 (Economics and Management Campus)


      Appointments for the new a.y. 2024/25 will be published over the next months.

      During your stay: Permit of Residence - Declaration of Hospitality

      RESIDENCE PERMIT: (compulsory for NON-EU citizens) 

      The International Office will support all students in the application procedure for the Residence Permit in Italy.

      Upon arrival in Italy, NON EU STUDENTS, who has a study entry VIsa,  have to apply for a RESIDENCE PERMIT (Permesso di Soggiorno) within 8 working days from their arrival.

      The Residence Permit will have the same validity as the VISA.

      Required documents:

      • Copy of your Codice Fiscale ( please bring paper copy and hard copy)
      • Copy of your Passport (personal data + VISA + all stamped pages) ( please bring paper copy and hard copy)
      • Copy of the invitation letter (please bring paper copy and hard copy)
      • Copy of the Declaration of hospitality (Issued by the landlord or by the Accommodation office)
      • A special stamp called ‘MARCA DA BOLLO’, costs € 16,00 (to buy at the Tobacconist) 
      • Copy of your Health Insurance Policy (which must be valid in Italy and should cover the whole period of the Permit of Residence) please bring paper copy and hard copy. 

      At the Post Office the student must also pay:

      • € 70.46 (permit fee)
      • € 31.00 (for the application to be sent)

      The International Office  will support NON EU STUDENTS in collecting the certificates for the residence permit and in  arranging an appointment with the offices in charge. Please arrange an appointment with the Incoming Erasmus Office - Via San Bernardino : [email protected] (subject of the email: Residence Permit)



      During your stay: Tax code Application

      TAX CODE

      Non-resident individuals  need to obtain a tax code must get the ‘codice fiscale’ from AGENZIA DELLE ENTRATE once they are arrived in Italy

      Students can also apply for the Italian codice fiscale at  he the Italian consular authority in their country before departing.


      -copy of your identity card  (non ue students: passport and visa)

      -the AA4-8 form duly filled in and signed

      (in attachment you will also find the instruction and an example in order to fill it in)

       Please be careful and indicate the complete name (or names) and surname, exactly as indicated in the Passport

      In order to get the tax code, please send the filled and signed  (handwritten signature is required) (PDF SCAN FORMAT) and the identity document in attachment to the following e.mail address: 

      [email protected]

      In the reference of the e-mail please indicate: Erasmus Student_UNIBG_Name, Surname



      During your Erasmus+ Stay: what to do - During mobility Learning Agreement

      Standard procedures for your UNIBG life:

      • at your arrival go to the Information  desk for general information; 
      • attend Welcome  meeting  to register your arrival and submit your arrival ceritifcate;
      • DURING MOBILITY LEARNING AGREEMENT: your Before Mobility Learning agreement can be modified  by  filling in the “During Mobility Learning Agreement” form, please contact the International  Office for final approval and signature;
      • collect your student card; 
      • contact with  Departmental Coordinator or Erasmus Coordinator;  
      • check your Department Academic Calendar (available on this page);
      •  The CLASSES TIMETABLE is  available on the Webagenda;
      • E-LEARNING service  is provided by the Moodle UniBg platform, you can access with your id and pw;
      • Check the exam's schedule and your personal profile on My Unibg by logging in with your University's credentials;


      During your stay: Department of Economics and Management
      During your stay: Examinations and online meetings


      Exams will be on site.
      Students are not authomatically registered for the exams. At the University of Bergamo you have to register for each exam login with id and pw on your MyUnibg, in order to sit them. You can register for the exams until 5 days before the exam date.
      Students have to pass written and/or oral examination at the end of the course. According to Italian law, exams may be oral/written, may be practical tests, graphic tests, mini-thesis, interviews, etc.
      The exam calendars are available on  WEBAGENDA > exam calendar > by course. In Italy, the exam dates are called “appelli d’esame”. They refer to the dates set by your Department in which you can take the final exams. Usually (except for written languages exams - only one appello), there are at least two “appelli d’esame” and therefore, you can choose, among the available dates, when to take your exams.
      Some Departments have mid-term/partial exams (“prove intermedie or prova in itinere”). The teacher will point it out at the beginning of the course.

      The minimum grade to pass the exam is 18/30. The highest mark is (30/30 cum laude). Students may refuse to accept a mark awarded if they are not satisfied with the result and may re-sit the exam. If a student fails an exam by a very small margin, they are not given 17/30 – they must re-sit the exam in any case.
      Please note that certain courses may be taken under the pass/fail option. Under such registration, the only final grades available to the student are Pass (Idoneo) or Fail. That means that the exam is passed, the credits are assigned but no grade appears on the transcript.

      If a student fails an exam, they may sit it again by choosing the next available date in the exam session. Please be aware that if you want to re-sit an exam you shall be physically present in Bergamo.
      The re-examinations will NOT be faxed, sent or e-mailed to the Home Institution in case the student has already returned to his/her Home country. For this reason, students are required to stay in Bergamo until the end the exam session or - at least - until all exams have been registered.


      The lectures and exams of the bachelor’s, master’s and single-cycle master’s degree courses in the a.y. 2023-2024 will take place exclusively in person in Bergamo.



      In May, Staff and Tutors will support students in the exam booking procedure and check out steps through some dedicated virtual meetings:

      • 14th May at 12 am (midday): English online Meeting for the Deparments of Language and Human Science.
      • 15th May at 12 am (midday): Spanish online Meeting for the Deparments of Language and Human Science.
      • 23rd May at 3 pm: English online Meeting for the Deparments of Economy and Management and Engineering.

      The meetings will be available on Microsoft Teams, click here to access the virtual room.

      Before leaving Bergamo: check-out

      At the end of your Erasmus period: check-out

      At least one week before the departure Erasmus/Exchange students are required to:

      • arrange an appointment by email  with the International Office to check the academic career together;
      • submit the online Questionnaire;
      • visit the Accommodation Office in orded to request the return of the deposit and learn how to leave your room keys;
      • return the books to the University Libraries;
      • email or bring the Confirmation of attendance/Certificate of departure to the International Office (the Home University usually requires a certificate stating the exchange/study period dates)
      • fill in  check-out form

      Transcript of records
      The original transcript of records will be sent by email  directly to Home Universityan to the students.
      The Transcript will be sent out:

      • in March - if you come for the 1st semester (Winter semester);
      • in July / August: - if you come for a full academic year or for the 2nd semester (Spring semester).

      Please note

      •  no preliminary transcript will be issued at the departure
      • we will not be able to send the TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS until all the exam results are available on the online booklet;
      •  only courses indicated in your Learning Agreement will be mentioned in the transcript (the courses deleted and modified by the set deadline for the changes, will not be listed).
      •  moreover, if you decide not to take the exam or if the course is failed, on transcript the courses will be shown with an “F - fail” and “0”- no credits.
      •  the Italian language courses will be mentioned in the transcript too.
      • once your Transcript of Records is sent out, your Erasmus study period will be over and no changes can be made

      ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) and Conversion Grade System
      The use of ECTS is the only credit system which has been successfully tested and used across Europe, as it makes study programs and qualifications more transparent and facilitates the recognition of qualifications.
      Universities that joined the ECTS system are required to use the new table of ECTS grades, based on the percentage distribution of grades. The ECTS scale, divided into 5 levels, was abolished and has been replaced by the ECTS labels.

      Erasmus students Associations

       The Student Associations play an important role in bringing students together and making sure everyone gets involved in University life.

      AEGEE-Bergamo - Association des Estas Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe

      AEGEE-Bergamo accoglie gli studenti internazionali sul territorio e organizza eventi in lingua inglese aperti agli studenti di UniBg. I membri dell’associazione offrono agli studenti stranieri un aiuto nell’orientamento iniziale in città e un programma di attività sia culturali sia di svago nel corso dell’anno accademico.
      AEGEE-Bergamo è la sede locale di un network molto più vasto che conta oltre 160 sedi locali o antenne, in 40 paesi d’Europa.

      AEGEE-Europe è un’associazione giovanile nata in Francia nel 1985, è laica, apartitica e senza scopo di lucro. I suoi obiettivi principali sono la promozione della mobilità e dello sviluppo giovanile attraverso scambi culturali, corsi di formazione, viaggi ed esperienze di sviluppo personale nel contesto dell’Europa geografica.
      L’associazione si occupa attivamente di 4 macro-tematiche quali Social Equity, Mental Health, Climate Emergency e Political Activism organizzando eventi, tramite gruppi di lavoro in rete e corsi di formazione, online e dal vivo. Tra le soft skills che permette di potenziare troviamo l’organizzazione di eventi, l’uso di strumenti digitali moderni, il problem solving, la gestione delle risorse umane, e tanto altro.

      Sede: CTE Villaggio Sposi, via Cesare Cantù, 2, 24127 Bergamo BG


      Presidente: Luciano Urbani
      Segretaria: Alice Manzoni
      Tesoriere: Luca Patelli

      Contatto per iscrizione o informazioni sui progetti: [email protected]
      Link IG:
      Link FB:
      Link sito: 

      ESN Erasmus students Network

      Erasmus Student Network Bergamo, is a student association part of the large network ESN, a student organization that promotes mobility programs and cultural integration in Europe, under the motto "students helping students".

      We’ll welcome you with many and various activities to live your Erasmus experience here in Bergamo unforgettable.

      Via Cavalli 42 - 24020, Villa di serio (BG) Italy
      [email protected]


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