Student's card

ATM Bergamo public transport

As a UniBg student you have access to preferential rates, for urban and extra-urban public transport with affiliated institutions, Trenord and ATB.

Download the following file to read the full agreement.

Enjoy UniBg
Enjoy Card UniBg

The students of the University of Bergamo will have at their disposal the Enjoy UniBg University card, a special multifunctional card born from the collaboration between the University of Bergamo and UBI Banca.
Besides being the student's University identification card, it will allow you to make payments and easily and quickly use the services inside and outside the University.

With the Enjoy UniBg University card you can:

  • be recognized inside the University and have access to University libraries and canteens
  • pay tuition fees
  • pay for your meals at University canteens with the contactless service
  • pay for photocopies at the University Press Centre
  • receive scholarships with no additional cost
  • pay quickly and easily at the University thanks to PayPass
  • obtain discounts in shops members to the US Card circuit

The card offers advantageous conditions:

  • Free membership fee (one-off)
  • Free monthly fee
  • 0.00 € commission for withdrawals in euros made at ATM of other banks within the European Union

For further information visit the UBI Banca website in the section dedicated (ITA) to the Enjoy UniBg card.
Download the UBI Banca app and you will keep everything under control from your smartphone or tablet.

How to request the Enjoy UniBg:
Arrange an appointment when registering on-line; if you are a student enrolled in engineering courses go to the University of Dalmine (via Einstein 2); if you are a student of all other courses go to the University of Bergamo (webcam office, via dei Caniana, 2) to take a photo and apply for the University card.

For information about the agreement with TRENORD please check this page (ITA).