Enrollment options

Full time

This represents the regular registration and enrolment for students. The required commitment is in line with a full University life: lesson attendance, possible extra didactic activities (tutoring), necessary individual studying, and regular examinations, according to study plan and yearly programs of your degree course.

Part time

It is possible to access part time enrolment if you are following and up to date with exams in a graduation or master course and you belong to one of the following:

Students working regularly for a period of at least 6 months in a year, as an employee, self-employed or free-lance professional, with relevant documentation and an income above € 2.840,51 (which is the minimum allowed by fiscal regulations to be considered not dependent from other person), including students working in family businesses, if correctly documented;

Students occupied in the civic national service: for the academic year of the Service and the following one;

Students regularly occupied in the care and assistance of non-self-sufficient relatives for health or age issues. The relevant Health authority should certify this condition. Students will also have to document their commitment in the relative’s care and assistance;

Students with personal, family, or health problems or with invalidity: - bearers of illnesses, which don’t allow a regular academic progress, as, certified by ATS (or relevant health authority). Students with DSA (specific learning disorders) diagnosis as by L. 170/2010, must present the relevant certification, issued by the National Health Service or by recognized structures or specialists, and dating no more than three years back; - pregnant or with children. Students with children up to 5, pregnant students from eight months on, or diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, certified by a specialist doctor. In all these cases, only one of the parents can benefit of part-time enrolment;

Students occupied in sport at a high national or international level. The University Sport Committee, within the UPS4 Program; will validate the status of high-level sportsperson;

Students with a professional art occupation. This status will have to be certified and documented.

For part time students, didactic activities and credits are to be spread over six academic years instead of three (for three year graduation courses) and over ten academic years instead of five (for single cycle five-year master degree courses in Law or Primary Education Sciences).

So, if you enroll in a three-year graduation course, this will be your path: 1° year, 1° year repeat, 2° year, 2° year repeat, 3° year, 3° year repeat.

The number of credits to be planned for each academic year in your course of studies should be about 50% of the credits planned for full time students in the same course.
Relevant didactic authorities will point out potential subject priorities.

For further information, please refer to the students’ Handbook, section part-time Enrollment.

Single courses

This format allows to enroll into single subject courses within the various Departments, attending lessons and taking the related exam. 

To enrol into single modules and subjects activated within first and second level courses of studies, the same qualifications are required as for enrolment in the course itself.

Application procedure: online, through the Online Students’ helpdesk.

For all information, please refer to the relevant page within the students’ handbook.

Second degree

If you already have a degree and you wish to acquire another first level degree, or to enroll in the single cycle master degree course in Law, you should enroll online exclusively into the chosen graduation course following second degree indications.

You can find all relevant information for this kind of enrolment in this section of the students’ Handbook.


If you have exams taken within University careers which ceased because of loss of student status or quitting and you would like them to be validated, you should enroll on line exclusively into the graduation course of your choice, following indications for re-enrolment following quit/loss of status. 

You can find all relevant information for this kind of enrolment in this section of the students’ Handbook

Course reduction

You may apply for course reduction:

To ask for validation of exams taken as single courses (on line application through Online Students’ helpdesk. To ask for validation of exams (not counting towards admission to a masters’ degree course) taken in previous careers, even without qualification achievement

For any information refer to this section of the students’ Handbook.

Alias career

The University of Bergamo protects the privacy of students who are in transition between genders, through activation of an “alias” career.

This consists in an administrative procedure by which a duplicate students’ card is issued, providing students with a temporary identity, to be used within the University, while waiting for the change in gender attribution to be registered, as by L. 164/1982, leading to the issue of definitive personal registration documents.

Applications for an alias career activation should be addressed to prof. Anna Lorenzetti, academic Tutor designated by the Rector, who has the responsibility of following the concerned person during all his/her University career and to dr. Silvia Perrucchini, Student Service Manager, in charge of career administrative management for students who are undergoing a change of gender procedure.

An “alias” career activation implies a confidentiality agreement between the student and the University.