Services for Institutions and Industries

Our skills at the service of public bodies and private companies

The creation of new knowledge and innovation starting from research activities is a strategic objective of fundamental importance for University of Bergamo which, accordingly, contributes to social, economic and cultural development at different levels thanks to the collaboration with external subjects and institutions. 

University of Bergamo formalizes its relations with public and private institutions with designated research contracts, consultancy contracts and agreements which entail a specific service performed by qualified personnel for a determined time. Such activities could, on occasion, require the use of university equipment, facilities and services.


Industries and interested institutions may commission research activities and technical-scientific consultancy to University of Bergamo to solve specific innovation needs (feasibility studies, experimental testing, market analysis) and training (refresher and qualification courses, customized training).

The cost of the activities is proportionate with the type of commission, in agreement with third-party management regulations.