Top 10 Student Program

Exemption for 10% of UniBg students

TOP 10 Student Program is a merit based recognition giving total or partial exemption from comprehensive contribution to up to 10% of students enrolled in three-year degrees, master courses and single cycle masters reaching given profit requisites.

The Right to education service office is in charge of singling out the students who will benefit from exemption and there is no need to present an application.

Read the notice to find out all information on the Top 10 Student Program.

Who can benefit?

How to know if you could be eligible for the Top 10 Student Program? Here are some examples:

  • If you are registering for the first year
    Newly enrolled students, depending on their high school qualification grades (85 and above), may receive partial or total exemption from comprehensive contribution.
    For example: Grades above 95 are entitled to total exemption.

  • If you are enrolling in a masters’ degree 
    Depending on your bachelor's degree grade, you could receive total contribution exemption.
    For example: if your graduation grade is above 105, you are entitled to total exemption.

  • If you are renewing enrolment after the first year
    You could be entitled to exemption based on your average grades and CFUs acquired.

Remember that the requirement of didactic continuity will also be evaluated.