The University of Bergamo aims at internationalizing education in order to:

  1. enhance its graduates' abilities and career opportunities
  2. facilitate the exchange among students as well as professors in line with the purpose of the Bologna Process, which was the creation of the European Higher Education Area
  3. equip students with the necessary competencies to efficiently deal with territorial development needs and to elaborate effective strategies to face global competition.

This international preparation will enable bachelor's graduates, master's graduates and PhD's doctors to:

  1. use their competencies in any European country and worldwide, working in their home country or abroad
  2. develop their professional skills and be highly innovative thanks to the wide, international network of relationships built during their academic years
  3. be receptive to new technologies; this flexibility will result in more job opportunities to choose from
  4. contribute to the growth and development of the territory of Bergamo by applying global strategies.