What is a patent?

A patent is a legal title by which inventors are granted the exclusive use of an invention for a limited period of time. The ownership of a patent allows the commercial and industrial exploitation of an invention, prohibiting third parties from reproducing it (production, use or sale) in the territory in which patent was granted.

Who can patent?

The University supports and encourages the inventive activity of professors, researchers, technicians, PhD students and students who carry out research activities at the university, guaranteeing administrative, educational, technical and legal support during the patent life cycle.

The role of the University

The patent is the main instrument of Technology Transfer between the University and the territory as it allows to formalize the know-how by making it available to social, industrial and entrepreneurial fabric.

The University supports its academic community in Technology Transfer projects by managing the patent portfolio, offering dedicated training and identifying appropriate fundraising tools.

Patenting in numbers*
  • 36 patents filed from 2006 to date
  • 17 patents extended at European or international level
  • 34 patents in co-ownership, licensed or sold to companies
  • 4 patents with exclusive UniBg ownership active
  • 10 Italian patents registered in the last 3 years

*Data updated in December 2021

Ricerca grafico EN
Products and technologies developed in UniBg laboratories

The products and technologies developed in the UniBg laboratories are results of activities, carried out by the research groups, related to the design and construction of devices, engineering products, machinery, software, applications, multimedia platforms, processes and application methods of industrial interest.
Here follows a list of some products and technologies powered by UniBg, which will be continuously updated.