Historic Buildings and Artistic Heritage

Our heritage

The University of Bergamo is the beating heart of a city that proves to be increasingly open to the exchange of knowledge, also thanks to a map of architectural, historical and artistic heritage that tell about the identity of the University as an authentic “backbone of culture”.

From the restoration of the monumental complex of Sant’Agostino to the historic buildings of Piazza Rosate and Via Salvecchio, passing through the restoration projects of the former Baroni college, the former Montelungo barracks and the former Enel tower, an itinerary has been developed that goes through a history of ideas and growth initiatives looking at the future.


Use and enhancement of the spaces of the University

The University of Bergamo protects and manages its architectural, historical and artistic heritage, also considering the temporary transfer of classrooms and reception rooms to external bodies, provided that the use of such spaces is in line with the image of the University.

Our Restoration Projects
Former church of Sant'Agostino
Sant'Agostino cloister view at night

Since 2001 the Humanities campus of the University of Bergamo has been based in the former Sant’Agostino monastery’s cloisters and, exactly where the church used to be, it has been hosting the Aula Magna of the University since 2015. The restoration works on the frescoes and, in particular, the recovery of the minor cloister continue to witness the protection and enhancement of this monumental complex in the way of a “widespread campus”.

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Former Montelungo barracks
Montelungo render

By the end of 2020 the redevelopment project on the former Montelungo barracks will host new university spaces, working as a real "connection" between the cultural and recreational hubs of the city. Some plans have also been made for the building of student residences, accommodations for teachers, sports facilities and aggregation centers on an area of about 3,500 sqm.

Former Baroni boarding school
Pignolo campus - terrace view

The former Baroni boarding school, built at the end of 19th Century as a student’s hostel, has had this function for a long time. The restoration works started in 2001 to host some spaces of the University, further expanded between 2011 and 2016, up to cover an area of about 8,500 sqm accessible from Vicolo San Tomaso, Via San Tomaso and via Pignolo.

Former Enel tower
Enel tower in Dalmine

In 2016 the Engineering campus of Dalmine included the abandoned area of the former Enel tower of Via Marconi that extended for over 5,700 sqm. The recovery project currently involves the whole complex of the former Enel power station and could end in 2019 giving space to laboratories, offices and new classrooms, also allowing to obtain a garden and to redevelop the parking area.