Software Campus

The University of Bergamo has signed Campus contracts for the supply of software of educational and scientific interest aimed at the entire UniBg community and all students enrolled in the various courses, with the possibility also of installing the software on PCs.

Supplier agreements allow students to install productivity and research tools legally and without the need for personal licenses.

The use of the software is allowed only for academic educational and/or scientific purposes. Therefore, the use of licenses for professional use, for profit and vis-à-vis third parties is not allowed.

Office 365

The University of Bergamo provides free Microsoft Office to every professor, researcher, research fellow, PhD student, student and employee of the University.
Office 365 includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and much more. All work can be saved online to OneDrive (which offers 1TB of storage) and remains accessible with any device used. 

  • It can be installed on up to 5 PCs, Mac or tablet (including iPad)
  • It can be used with OneDrive for automatic device sync

To get Office 365, just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Follow the instructions for downloading and logging in with your credentials: see the Registration Guide published here
  • In the download site, select the language you want and click install

You must use your institutional email account to log in. 

Office 365 - Registration Guide

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is a Microsoft program reserved for all students of the University.

To get  Azure Dev Tools for Teaching visit

You must use your institutional email account to log in.


Stata is a complete econometric and statistical software whose potential can satisfy a wide range of academic users. Stata includes a wide range of econometric, statistical and data management functions. It is easy to use for novices, but at the same time offers sophisticated programming options for more experienced users.

All faculty members, fellows, PhD students and students of the University of Bergamo can install STATA on up to two devices.
Students of the University of Bergamo can install STATA on a single device.

To install Stata on your computer, choose and download the operating system file for the device on which you intend to install it.

Installation instructions for Windows are available at this link, and for Mac Os installation instructions at this link.

The file installer, license number and activation key are available in the Moodle area “Software available to UniBg

For installation assistance write to


MATLAB is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualisation and numerical calculation.

UniBg provides faculty members, students, PhD students and fellows with a MatLab Total Academic Headcount (TAH) Campus License.

Instructions for activating or renewing an already activated license can be found in the “UniBg Community Software” Moodle area.


OxMetrics is an econometric software that includes the Ox programming language for econometrics and statistics.

The file installer and installation credentials are available in the Moodle area "Software available to UniBg”.


NVivo is a software for coding data in qualitative research. To learn more visit

The university has a number of Nvivo Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) licenses available.

During installation the user can decide which version to install between Windows and Mac.
Regarding the licenses in the MAC version, there are some differences compared to the Windows version. For more information on this see the explanatory link:

To request a license write to


LimeSurvey is a quantitative and qualitative research tool for structured data collection through customisable questionnaires and interviews.
This platform allows all professors and researchers of the University to create surveys quickly and securely.

To be issued with credentials write to [email protected]


Kahoot! is a useful tool for all teachers who want to develop engaging and dynamic learning with students.
Teachers will be able to easily create different question formats, such as multiple choice, true/false, and open-ended response questions that can be answered interactively with results displayed in real time.

The software will be available by May 2024.

Compilatio Magister – antiplagiarism and Artificial Intelligence Detection platform

Compilatio Magister is available exclusively for teachers.

Compilatio Magister supports teachers in checking dissertations, theses and assignments, in order to guarantee the originality of the documents produced by students. The control is carried out through the use of the software Magister

From spring 2024 the platform gives users the opportunity to identify the use of artificial intelligence for the composition of the papers.
The software supports files no larger than 20 MB, in the following formats: .txt, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .tex.

To use the service and take advantage of unlimited and free credits just login to this page.

On the Compilatio services login page, choose Connect with your institution - Click Here
In the screen - Connection through the educational institution - enter University of Bergamo (just type Bergamo to have the correct name to select) and click Connect
This opens the login screen to the reserved area of Magister in which to enter the credentials of the Internet Desk/WiFi network.

For requests for assistance, information and suggestions, contact the staff by clicking at the top right under "Contacts" within the portal or by filling out this form.

Screenpal (ex Screencast-o-Matic)

Screenpal is a recording software that allows you to capture your screen, webcam or both to create presentations, video lessons and tutorials.

The university has a number of licences reserved exclusively for teachers and technical and administrative staff.

It supports microphone recording, adding background music, manual or automatic subtitling. You can edit video by trimming excess parts, hiding sensitive data, adding transitions and much more.

Once created, the video can be shared directly from the Screenpal portal without the need to upload to additional clouds.

It is also possible to create content indexes to jump directly to a specific section of the audiovisual product and incorporate quizzes.

To make a request, write to [email protected]

Supercomputing hours – availability of Supercomputing hours from Cineca

The University of Bergamo has signed an agreement with Cineca for High Performance Computing (HPC) services.

The service includes up to 100,000 core-hours on GALILEO100. 

Therefore, the availability of HPC systems currently installed at CINECA’s computer centre and the provision of storage services is given to all professors and researchers of the University, within the established limits.

Minimum hour blocks are 10,000 standard hours per account. Smaller blocks of hours must be accompanied by a justification, which must be evaluated and accepted by CINECA technical staff.

Cloud resources are allocated in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) mode. The user who requests these resources has the ability to independently create the necessary virtual machines, within the agreed limits. The user is solely responsible for managing access security, ensuring confidentiality, and maintaining data on the virtual machine.

To request hours of Supercomputing, write to [email protected]cc’ing. [email protected]

Requests for new software

New research software can always be purchased with your own funds through the Department of Reference. If you verify that more than one Department/Research Centre/Research Group needs the same software, you can apply for a centralised purchase.

New teaching software can be purchased at the University level.

The centralised purchase request can be made by qualified teachers, researchers, TT and TDB researchers and administrative staff by filling out and submitting this form.