May 17th: Letter of the Rector about the upcoming exam session

Bergamo, 17 May 2021


Dear students,

I am writing to clarify some aspects concerning the recovery of didactic activities, in connection to the doubts and practical uncertainties recently expressed by some of you, and in view of the upcoming exam session.

Following deliberations carried out by academic bodies on 28-29 April, all exam call calendars have been analysed to verify the appropriate application of the outlined measures. From this analysis, we can affirm that only in very few cases the on-site management of written tests has determined a delay in initial dates, and with the sole purpose of optimizing the use of the necessary spaces and available time. Almost all of you have already received, in the past few days, the relevant changes and appropriate exam modes, the remaining information, concerning how exams will be carried out, will be available within tomorrow.

I wish to remind you that, still complying with official academic decisions, and as I had already communicated to you in my latest letter of 29 April 2021, all oral exams will be held in remote mode. Written exams, instead, will be carried out in presence, except for a few cases: exams with a high number of enrolled students, or including the use of IT labs, or written exams which are closely followed by an oral examination.

Concerning the possibility of being exempted from sustaining written exams in presence, it must be reaffirmed and specified that only students belonging to the following categories will be able to benefit from the exemption:

a) foreign students who, if currently in their original countries, are restricted in their access to Italy and students who are currently abroad on study programs, for whom the same restrictions apply;

b) students who have tested positive to COVID and/or are in quarantine or self-isolation;

c) fragile students, included in the prioritised categories, as defined by the Ad Interim Recommendations on anti-SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 vaccination target groups, updated on 10 March 2021.

If you belong to the above categories, you can fill in the Form to apply for exemption.

To allow teachers and support staff to effectively organize exams, students belonging to categories described in points a) and c) will have to submit their application no later than 27 May 2021; students for which point b) applies, instead, are invited to communicate their need for exemption from in presence written exams as soon as possible and, anyway, at least one day before the exam date.

With these indications, I hope to have cleared the doubts which some of you had expressed: I do realise that these constant procedural changes – inevitable and understandable, seen as UniBg always strictly complies with decisions made by the relevant Authorities – can result in uncertainty or disorientation. We are doing our best to communicate directly and in the shortest time the organisation of all didactic activities, and I really hope that in time and with the due precautions, we can all go back to standard life and the aspects of University life which we are more familiar with and appreciate. For now, I’m asking you once again to refine your ability to adapt and your mental flexibility, as you have already proven to be able to do.

I wish you all the best for your upcoming exams: I’m sure you’ll do your best!

An encouragement hug,

Your ‘Rettore’

Prof. Remo Morzenti Pellegrini

Written exams on site: Request for Exemption form for the 2021 summer session

To onsite and offsite,
Italian and foreign students of the University of Bergamo

Bergamo, May 28th 2021


Dear students,

I am writing to you after yesterday's meetings of the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors to update you on the new decisions made collectively in response to the specific needs that you have reported to us in recent weeks regarding the difficulties of some of you taking written exams in presence.

After a long discussion with your representatives, it was decided to complete to the rules that I communicated to you in my last letter of 17th May regarding the exemptions for on-site exams for the next summer session (May-July 2021), even though the situation, at this point, still requires some patience, to avoid the need to review and further clarify the decisions made.

The previously identified categories of exempt students – which can be summarised by topic in: "student with frailty included among the priority categories, identified by the Interim Recommendations on the target groups of SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 vaccination updated to 10th March 2021", "student in international mobility", "international student", "health situation that prevents mobility (COVID positivity or fiduciary isolation" – now also include one attributable to "serious reasons".

Students objectively unable to take written exams on site, except for the exemptions already decided and communicated, may ask to take the exam remotely, responsibly motivating their request. During the whole summer session, students will be given the opportunity to take the written exam remotely only in one of the exams scheduled in the session itself: the relevant Department, based on organisational and logistic needs, will decide and communicate as soon as possible – on the Department's page, section "studying/timetable and exams" – which exam will be reserved to these students.

Therefore, the Request for Exemption form for the 2021 summer session, which I already notified to you, has now been added the option "other serious reasons". You are asked, through self-certification, to explain the reason for your request for exemption, i.e. what are the serious reasons that prevent you from attending the exam in person. Obviously, it is hoped that this reason will be used responsibly.

We are in a phase of transition from distance to presence which is still uncertain: I ask everyone for a great cooperation and, above all, I ask you to consider this shift in a broader perspective, not only limited to what may be preferable or more comfortable on a personal level. I, you and the entire UniBg community must do everything possible to implement this "transfer" in a proactive and responsible way for all of us, to better (and jointly) organise our university life in the present and near future.

Thank you, as always, I am sending you a hug of trust.

Your Rector

Calendars and timetables

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The verification of your preparation is carried out by means of oral and/or written examinations or tests, which take place during the periods provided in the Department's Academic Calendars, on dates (exam appeals) published in the Annual Calendar of Exam sessions (or Exam Calendar).

Both Calendars are published on each Department’s page and reported on the pages of each degree program.

The exams shall be taken at the end of the course, respecting the semester structure of the teaching activities provided by each course of study (e.g.: if the course is in the first semester, the exam must be taken in the first session in January). It is important to comply with the provisions of each course of study, paying particular attention to preparatory work rules.

You can only take exams if you have included them in your study plan and have regularly paid your tuition fees.

If you do not comply with these rules, the exams you take in the meantime will be cancelled.
Failing an exam does not generally prevent you from registering for the next exam.

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