Calendars and timetables

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> Booking exams

The verification of your preparation is carried out by means of oral and/or written examinations or tests, which take place during the periods provided in the Department's Academic Calendars, on dates (exam appeals) published in the Annual Calendar of Exam sessions (or Exam Calendar).

Both Calendars are published on each Department’s page and reported on the pages of each degree program.

The exams shall be taken at the end of the course, respecting the semester structure of the teaching activities provided by each course of study (e.g.: if the course is in the first semester, the exam must be taken in the first session in January). It is important to comply with the provisions of each course of study, paying particular attention to preparatory work rules.

You can only take exams if you have included them in your study plan and have regularly paid your tuition fees.

If you do not comply with these rules, the exams you take in the meantime will be cancelled.
Failing an exam does not generally prevent you from registering for the next exam.

For further information check the following page (in Italian).

Shortcuts and reminders

Passing exams is necessary to pursue your academic career. Do not miss them: Exams Calendar.

Departments and degree programs are posting the calendars (pdf format) for you to download them.

Keep in mind:

  • To take an exam, make sure it's in your study plan;
  • Taking some classes may require you to pass introductory tests. Check your study plan.