International Students pre-evaluation online

If you are Non.EU student and have a Bachelor Degree obtained outside Italy, then your educational qualification must be verified by the University of Bergamo before enrollment in the chosen Master’s Degree program taught in Italian or English Language.

Please be informed that, according to the new regulation, with reference to the Bachelors achieved in India and Pakistan, the general Bachelor does not give access to a Master Degree course. To access to a Master Degree course, a Honours Bachelor is needed.

Masters' degrees taught in English complete list

European and Non-EU prospective students wishing to enroll at one of the following Master Degree Programme taught in English (Academic Year 2022-23)
can request a preliminary online evaluation of their qualification.

MA Accounting, Governance and Sustainability  (free access)

MA Clinical Psychology for Individuals, Families and Organizations (limited enrollment program)

MA Economics and Data Analysis (free access)

MA Engineering and Management for Health (free access)

MA Intercultural studies in languages and literatures (free access)

MA Management, Marketing & Finance  (free access)

MA Management Engineering (free access)

MA Smart Technology Engineering (free access)

MA Planning and Management of Tourism Systems (free access)

MA Economics & Finance (free access)

MA Text Sciences and Culture Enhancement in the Digital Age (limited enrollment program)

MA Medical Engineering (free access)

MA Philosophical Knowledge: Foundations, Methods, Applications (free access) 

How to apply

Master's Degree Courses taught in English or Italian language - pre evaluation of the Academic open from February 8th 2022

Compulsory documents to be uploaded on the application:

(if any of these 5 documents will not be submitted, your application will be rejected)

1 - Copy of the Bachelor degree

2 - Copy of the official Academic transcript or Diploma supplement

3 - English certificate

4 - Copy of your valid passport

5 - MAJOR AREA FORM duly filled in (please find the form below)

Please read carefully the below attached checklist with all further information 




When to apply - Pre evaluation calls from February 2023
  1. First call: February 8th - February 16th 2023 (only degree seeking students free access MA) 
  • Prospective students can apply from February 8th to February 16th 2023 
  • Online admission interview: from March 14th to April 7th 2023  
  • Ranking publication: from April 17th to May 2nd 2023 (eligible students will receive a notification by e-mail) 


  1. Second Call: March 8th - March 17th 2023 (both degree seeking students free access MA and limited access MA) 
  • Prospective students can apply from March 8th to March 17th 2023
  • Online admission interview: April 28th to May 22th 2023 
  • Ranking publication: from May 29th to June 15th 2023 (eligible students will receive a notification by e-mail)
Pre-evaluation results' ranking a.y. 2022-23_Limited access courses (to be published)

The final ranking related to the limited access courses such as

-Clinical psychology for individuals, families and organizations 

will be published at this page (Italian).