Non-EU students pre-evaluation online

Non-EU student educational qualifications must be verified by the University of Bergamo before enrollment in the chosen Master Degree programme taught in English

How to apply

The call for online pre-evalutation is open! Apply here:

When to apply

Academic year 2020/2021 

First call: 10th-28th February 2020  

  • Prospective students can apply from 10th February to 28th February 2020 
  • Skype admission call: 16th-28th March 2020  
  • Ranking Publication: in April 2020 

Second Call: 3rd March - 15th April 2020 (new deadline!)

  • Prospective students can apply from 3rd March to 15th April 2020
  • Skype admission  call: to be defined
  • Ranking Publication: to be defined
Who can apply
  • Non-EU students living abroad and living in Italy who have already achieved a foreign University Diploma (Bachelor)
  • Non-EU students living abroad and living in Italy who have passed all the exams in their academic career and will obtain an University Diploma (Bachelor) at a foreign University by April 2020
  • Non-EU students graduating after May 2020 can refer directly to the Italian Embassy / Consulate in their Countries.

EU Students and non EU Country residents in Italy follow the same admission rules of Italian students. Please contact