Non-EU students pre-evaluation online

If you are an EU or non-Eu student and have a Bachelor Degree obtained outside Italy, then your educational qualification must be verified by the University of Bergamo before enrollment in the chosen Master’s Degree programs. 

How to apply

The first  call for online pre-evalutation for academic year 2021/22  will  24th February 2021

The first call is only for degree seeking  students who wish to apply at  Master's Degree Progams  thaught in English or Italian - free access

Candidates will have to apply on the online platform where you can also find further information.


When to apply
  1. First call: 24th February- 1st March 2021  (only degree seeking students MA free access)
  • Prospective students can apply from 24th February to 1st March 2021 
  • Skype admission call:  from 15th March to 26th March 2021  
  • Ranking Publication:  23rd April 2021 
  1. Second Call: 8th March -  26th March 2021 
  • Prospective students can apply from 8th March to 26th March 2021
  • Skype admission  call:  19th April to 4th May 2021
  • Ranking Publication:  21st May 2021
Who can apply
  • Non-EU students living abroad and living in Italy who have already achieved a foreign University Diploma (Bachelor)
  • Non-EU students living abroad and living in Italy who have passed all the exams in their academic career and will obtain an University Diploma (Bachelor) at a foreign University by April 2020
  • Non-EU students graduating after May 2020 can refer directly to the Italian Embassy / Consulate in their Countries.

EU Students and non EU Country residents in Italy follow the same admission rules of Italian students. 

Masters' degrees taught in English complete list

Non-EU prospective students wishing to enroll at one of the following Master Degree Programme taught in English (Academic Year 2020-21)
can request a preliminary online evaluation of their qualification.

MA Business Administration, Professional and Managerial Accounting (curriculum Accounting, Accountability and Governance)  (limited enrollment program)

MA Clinical Psychology for Individuals, Families and Organizations (limited enrollment program)

MA Economics and Data Analysis (free access)

MA Engineering and Management for Health (free access)

MA Intercultural studies in languages and literatures (free access)

MA International Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance (limited enrollment program)

MA Management Engineering (free access)

MA Mechanical Engineering (curriculum Smart Technology Engineering) (free access)

MA Planning and Management of Tourism Systems (free access)

MA Economics & Finance (free access)