Non-EU: What to do once in Italy

Welcome at UniBg!

Are you having troubles with Accommodation, Documents and Procedures, Fees, Resident Permit and Health Insurance?

The Welcome Point in Via dei Caniana -  schedule to be defined 



A week before you arrival in Italy please contact  Student Office opening a ticket through Ticket System.

Fill in the form>choose "Segreteria Studenti Stranieri" among the list >indirizzo< to submit  your original documets and have some useful information

Check the  following page: Student Services Office.


Attending the admission interview with the Academic Committee

After passing the admission test, if all requirements have been satisfied, applicants will be enrolled.
Go to the Students Office (in Caniana or Dalmine), to formally complete the registration and pay enrollment fee  € 156.00 (by bank transfer).


Residence permit

Within one week after the arrival in Italy, applicants must apply for the Residence Permit.
The International Office will provide students information about the procedure for Tax Code (if necessary) and Residence Permit procedures.

Check the following webpage: VISA and Permit of Residence



Check online the result of the scholarship and accommodation call.

Contact "Servizio diritto allo studio" (ticket – tracking)