Guarantee Committee


The Single Guarantee Committee (CUG, and in full: Single Guarantee Committee for equal opportunities, worker well-being, and against discrimination) supports and promotes action for:

  • Achieving equality within the University and equal employment opportunities for all, and between men and women;
  • Overcoming all forms of discrimination, direct and indirect, related to gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, language;
  • Maintaining a work environment based on organizational wellbeing, preventing, combating and eliminating all forms of sexual, moral or psychological violence against women workers and workers.
University Councilor

Avv.a Elena Bigotti is the University Councilor for the three-year term 2019/2021.

The Trusted Councilor is a figure sourced outside the University, to guarantee neutrality, confidentiality and independence on the cases dealt with. It acts to prevent, manage and effectively resolve cases of harassment, mobbing and discrimination, suggesting appropriate actions to ensure a work and study environment that respects the dignity of people (Art. 18-20 of the University Code of Ethics).

It is nominated by the University on the proposal of the Single Guarantee Committee (CUG), following a specific selection, among those who possess skills, professional and personal experience, suitable for the tasks envisaged: knowledge in the legal and labor law fields, conflict management, legislation on equal opportunities, reconciling work and family time, etc.

What can it do

It can act in a preventive and repressive manner, informally and formally, with the written consent of the person for the preliminary investigation aimed at ascertaining the disciplinary offense, in the event of  psychologically and / or sexually harassing behaviors that harm the dignity of those who study or work in the University. It has propositive duties towards the CUG; participates in training events and conferences and supports the CUG in the creation of a territorial network for Equal Opportunities.

How it works

It can act informally following a written request from the person directly concerned. The Councilor listens to the interested party, summons the counterpart and, if necessary, compares the positions.

It acquires elements, documents and information necessary for the assessment of the case in the absolute respect of privacy, both of the injured party and of the person presumed responsible. It suggests appropriate actions to ensure a work environment that respects the freedom and dignity of persons and, in the most serious cases, as expressly provided for by the Code of Conduct, can advise the Head of the competent structure on the transfer of one of the persons involved.

The Councilor may be involved in the formal procedure that can be initiated, possibly on the input of the Councilor, by the manager in charge, by the General Manager, or by the Dean, and, following an appropriate preliminary investigation, can be concluded with the adoption of disciplinary measures against the accused party.

How to contact us

The members of the CUG are at the disposal of all those wishing to submit proposals for positive action, or to report situations of difficulty in the areas mentioned above.

Reports are to be sent to the President of the CUG through the Committee's e-mail address.

Reports from students, received by the CUG, will be sent to the relevant joint committee.

Anonymous reports will not be considered.

The trusted Councilor can be consulted, by appointment to be agreed via email.