UniBg goes digital: Remote activities figures

Distance unites us
UniBg goes digital

During these difficult weeks, in which a revolution in teaching methods was carried out, the Rector made his voice and his closeness heard throughout the university community, addressing a special thought to the students: we took the opportunity to ask students to evaluate the online teaching activities implemented during this period of closure of the offices through a dedicated questionnaire.

According to the results, the university has reorganized its activities and calibrate them according to the new needs of the students. The distance unites us, the solidarity of the hashtag #molamia is felt: exams, lessons and graduation discussions performed online. In particular:

  • 100% of courses have been carried out online; 554 courses of the period plus 296 among execercises, laboratoires and tutorships;
  • 19.779 hours of online lessons were successfully delivered;
  • 808 exam sessions have been held, or are in the process of being conducted;
  • 556 master's degrees and 801 three-year degrees have been discussed, plus 96 to be discussed in May.

Following the survey, we have the first feedback on new remote activities: 94% of students overall evaluate the online teaching experience as positive, and consider it as effective as canonical classroom lessons.

To support the teaching activities of the students, but also that of research by the teachers, researchers, post-graduate students and UniBg doctoral students, there was also the University Library System which was able to provide:

  • over 35,000 electronic periodicals collections
  • almost 220,000 e-books
  • and over 70 searchable databases

Furthermore, the SdM UniBg Higher Education School immediately activated distance learning for some masters, in particular:

  • 5 masters currently carry out distance teaching activities;
  • 94 students involved
  • 72 lessons delivered
  • 334 hours of distance teaching
  • 35 teachers involved

Our goal is clear: maximum protection of students' careers so that the extraordinary sessions neither of the thesis nor of the exams are lost.

Rector's thought to all students

<<You replied in a great number (more than 3,800) and I thank you for that because such a large sample allows us to take a representative picture of the progress of this experiment, especially taking your point of view.

94% of you indicated that they consider online teaching to be generally positive, that they find it as effective as classroom teaching (especially if the teacher alternates speech with slides presentation) and that they are comfortable using the proposed technological platforms, in particular Microsoft Teams (the same that will be adopted for the proclamations of Bachelor Degrees and for part of the oral exams of these days).

You also highlighted some issues on which we will reflect further, but that we already addressed in part: these include, in fact, the length of the lessons and the total hours of daily teaching. As I already pointed out before, we asked the teachers to reduce the duration of each lesson and to put online pre-recorded lessons, so that you can better organise your study time.>>

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