Spring session 2020: what will change

In these weeks, delicate and difficult for the city of Bergamo and the entire University community, we have applied some changes to the performance of all academic activities. The distance learning method, through the technological tools that we all have, see us involved in a revolution of the academic life.

We have listened to and accepted the requests for help from the student community, and an emergency Rector's Decree was issued for the adoption of extraordinary measures for the 2020 spring session, with which a regulation with temporary effectiveness will enter into force regarding some crucial activities for the academic career of all students.

Spring session: what will change for examinations, degree and PhD discussions, internships

The new regulation applies to the following activities:

  • profit exams;
  • final work discussions;
  • degree thesis discussions;
  • PhD thesis discussions. 

More specifically:

We established that profit exams will be held in oral form, while those in written form will not be scheduled.

We made changes to the holding of three-year degree sessions, relieving all three-year degree students of the burden of discussing their thesis;

For students of master's degrees and single-cycle master's degrees it is possible to choose between two different procedures at the student's discretion, with the obligation to communicate their choice through the special form that we created.

Finally, in addition to the points of the decree, we specify what changes for curricular and extra-curricular internships, considering the impact of the measures of ministerial decrees that require a stop to many work activities or their conversion into smart working mode.

Examinations: what will change, how it will work
Remote lessons

We established the procedures for the performance of profit exams in oral form which will be scheduled throughout the spring session; on the contrary, written exams will not be scheduled: it will be at the teacher's discretion to rearrange the exams in oral form, otherwise they will be rescheduled.

Oral exams will be held remotely, and in ways that ensure the public character of the sessions, the correct identification of the candidate, the verification of objectives achievement and the participants' proper audio perception.

The teacher will use the tools made available to the university, will ensure the presence of several students at the same time and will use the course page to communicate the starting time of the exam. Enrolment procedures remain the same.

As a student, you are required to ensure that all the tools necessary for the exam are working properly and that you are available for the entire duration of the time specified by the teacher.

During the exam you will have to follow some rules to guarantee the appropriateness of the exam itself, including:

  • place yourself at a distance that allows the teacher to frame you from head to torso, including arms;
  • refrain from using support tools, notes, books or tools not provided by the teacher;
  • avoid other people around your workstation;
  • always follow the teacher's instructions.

We invite you to read and accept all the measures indicated by the decree: remember that if you do not follow the rules correctly, the result of the exam will be compromised.


Here you find the exams' calendar, constantly updated:




April 06 - 22/2020

extraordinary session

03/30/2020 - 04/30/2020

interim assestments



03/30/2020 - 04/17/2020

interim assestments


SUS 03/30/2020 - 04/18/2020
Degree thesis discussion: what will change, how it will work
Graduate at Caniana

Bachelor students’ works will be evaluated by a committee of teachers, for which no discussions will be scheduled. The final score will be established on the basis of the committee’s evaluation.

Master’s and single-cycle master’s degree students may choose between:

  • discussion of the thesis online, during the special session, in the months of March and April
  • discussion of the thesis in accordance with procedures that will be communicated later, in the month of May and in any case by 15th June 2020.

It is up to you to decide which of the two options you prefer: you can do it using the relevant form. We remind you that it is mandatory to register from your email address "name.surname@studenti.unibg.it", otherwise you will not be able to complete the registration process.

Here below you will find the calendar of the discussions scheduled for the special session:

We will identify, in collaboration with the Directors of the Departments, the final date for the thesis submission and communicate it to the students. From the date of publication of the calendar to the first discussions, at least 5 working days will elapse.





April 6th – 7th



April 8th – 9th, April 14th

SUS (Clinical Psychology 8 and 9)


April15th – 16th



April17th, April 20th – 21th



April 22nd



April 23rd – 24th



April 27th



April 27th- 28th

SAEMQ, IUS and ENG three-year courses proclamation


April 29th - 30th

LLCS, LFC, SUS three-year courses proclamation


PhD examinations may also be held remotely, in a way that ensures that the sessions are public, that candidates are identified and that the required learning objectives are achieved.

We remind you to read carefully the text of the decree in order to go into details of all the rules and procedures required to implement the new provisions in a correct and valid way.

Internships: what will change, how it will work
Researcher at the lab

A large number of students were doing a curricular or extra-curricular internship before the covid-19 emergency, and the interruption of many work activities put many in difficulty, especially in the case of curricular ones, functional to obtaining a degree.

Here below we explain you how things change for interns with the new measures.

If you started the curricular internship required by your degree course, but had to suspend it due to the emergency, you may complete it within the time schedule, following these instructions:

  • Have you completed at least 70% of the hours corresponding to the CFU provided for in the regulations?

The activity may be considered valid for credit recognition purposes. The activity must be validated by your teacher and you must send the final documents electronically, as established by each degree course;

  • Have you completed less than 70% of the hours corresponding to the CFU provided for in the regulations?

The teacher of reference will ask you to complete a written reflection on the work process(es) observed during the direct internship.

This integration will be included in the final report, if required, or in a written paper that will be validated by the reference teacher, before proceeding with the assessment and the completion of the final documents.

  • If neither path is possible to follow, it will be necessary to interrupt the internship activity, considering that the training objectives cannot be achieved, in order to reschedule the continuation of the activities at the end, planning an extension of the current internship within the administrative deadline. 


In case you have not yet started the curricular internship due to the difficulty identifying host institutions, if you wish to graduate in the 2020 summer session, you may be guided by your reference teacher in an alternative activity that, with respect to the professional profile, allows you to obtain as many CFUs (i.e. laboratories, exams of your choice, ...) as required by the regulations of each degree course.

In cases where this is not possible (as is the case, for example, of the Business Economics Course), you will have to prepare an additional report (which does not replace the internship report or the final three-year report), on a topic defined by the CCS in line with the training path undertaken.

For professionalizing psychology internships, the deadline for the submission of the training project is postponed to 8th April 2020.

Although as a university it has been decided to try to establish fair and correct rules for all students, each case is different because each internship is different depending on the course of study: If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to talk to your reference teacher.