Welcome Days 2023

A new academic year has begun and, if you are a freshman, you are taking your first steps in UniBg. Don't be in a hurry to understand everything right away, because it takes time to gain familiarity with all the aspects of your university career.

To help you in these early stages of adjustment, here is some information that may be useful to help you get your first guidance.

 UniBg students in the hall of Salvecchio
Are you a freshman? Here is some useful information
Academic year, teaching calendar, calendar of exam sessions, timetables and classrooms and exam appeals

On your Department's website, under Study > Teaching calendar and appeals, you will always find an up-to-date timetable for your academic year:

  • Calendar of lesson and examination periods

  • Annual calendar of exam sessions

You can check the lesson timetable, classroom and exam location on the logistics platform.

Study Plan

On the website of your three-year bachelor's degree program or five-year master's degree program, under the section The course, you will find the Study Plan, i.e. the organisation of the courses planned for each year and the corresponding examinations you will have to take.

Every year, in the October-November period, you will have to fill in your study plan online (using your desk profile), except in cases where paper submission is required.

Teaching-courses to be attended and programs

Also on the degree program website you will find, in the Study section, the entry Active teachings, by year and related to your Study plan. 

Click on the course and you will find all useful information:

  • professor in charge

  • university learning credits (CFU)

  • teaching period (first or second semester)

  • program (Syllabus)

  • course text books

  • online materials (through elearning-moodle platform)

  • examination methods

Contact the Professors

Getting in touch with professors is easy:

Also under the entry Active teachings, by clicking on the name of the professor, you will find his or her e-mail address, reception hours and all useful contact information.


Among the services at your disposal you will find:


  • Economics and Law

  • Engineering

  • Humanities

Print Services

  • Printing and photocopying documents with assistance (250 free prints)

  • Printing and binding theses 

Dining Services 

  • University Canteens

  • University Residents' Canteens

  • Pignolo Coffee Bar 

At the main venues, there are study rooms. You can find their location and capacity on your Department's website under Department > Presentation > Classrooms, laboratories, study rooms.

Digital services

UniBg provides you with a wide range of services and digital opportunities to make the most of your university career.

Open Badge

Office 365

Google Workspace


Online library services

Specialised software

University career, Offices and Services

To better manage your university career, you should check the information published on the website:

for teaching information, consult your Department website and your degree program website.

University career and Services

For administrative information, you have at your disposal:

Student Services Office, for opening hours, contact details, Student Guide, Help Desk, Guides and online forms

Tax Office, to learn about and understand opportunities and facilities

Right to Study, for scholarships, grants and fees

Services for Learning Disabilities and Special Needs Students, for administrative and educational services

Internships and Placement Office for curricular and extracurricular internships

Orientation and International Programs Service for pre-university guidance, in itinere and job placement activities, as well as for international mobility

Pact of co-responsibility

Among all the members of the community (researchers and professors, technical-administrative staff and students), there is a pact of co-responsibility which consists of two key documents:

Your opinion counts
Teaching evaluation

Every year students are asked to provide their anonymous opinion on the quality of the courses attended (ROS: Student Opinion Survey) expressing themselves on several aspects: from the availability of teaching material to the clarity of the professor’s exposition. 

These opinions - collected through the Student Desk - are essential to consolidate good practices and suggest ways of improving educational programs.

Support Services Evaluation

UniBg participates in the GoodPractice project to compare itself with other universities at national level in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of all the Context Services (Secretariats, Libraries, Orientation, Equipments,...). 

The completion of the survey, which takes place around June every year, helps the University and its offices to provide a level of service suitable for students’ needs.