Welcome Days

Today with Welcome days the first university classes of the 2023-2024 academic year begin. Rector Prof. Sergio Cavalieri sent his welcome message addressed to all students highlighting how "our University is a place not only of education, but a place of life and growth of our students. We are privileged as a University to enjoy spaces of absolute prestige architecturally, culturally and artistically, such as the Chiostro Minore of the Sant'Agostino Campus, which we have just redeveloped and returned to the academic community and the city. Spaces like this are not only spaces that we dedicate to the educational activities or study rooms of our students, but will increasingly become the beating heart of your university experience and life".

Welcome message from Rector Sergio Cavalieri to students in the new academic year 2023-2024

UniBg students in Rosate

Dedicated to freshmen, the Welcome Days are special events for all those who inaugurate their university career in UniBg. During the Welcome Days, the coordination figures of the University, the Department and the Degree Programs are presented. On the same occasion, some useful information is given for orientation in the first days of university life.

The Welcome Days are also one of the first occasions to get to know your fellow students and become familiar with the spaces of the University.

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