'Phase 2': what is changing?

As from the period following May 4th, indicated in the latest DPCM as the beginning of 'phase 2', our University is also going to adopt new measures in terms of activity organization.

While inviting you to consult this page and the connected ones for details of all measures, which will be applied officially from May 11th, we here below recap the main ones:

  • On site didactic activities (lessons and exams) will be suspended until July 31st, 2020.
  • Entry tests for single cycle degrees and Master courses will be carried out in the TOLC @ CASA mode.
  • Admission tests for Master degrees will be held online.
  • Regular oral exams, degree and PhD dissertations will carry on in distance learning form.
  • Regular written exams, which cannot be converted in orals, will be held as written online tests, following instructions to be published on the University portal.
  • Classrooms, study rooms, canteens and bars will remain closed, whereas teachers and staff will be allowed access to certain areas to guarantee essential services.
  • Only loaning and return services will be available from the university libraries, whereas consultation will be allowed by appointment.
  • Access to university areas will be allowed following specific protocols.

The principle guiding these and other measures is that ‘each protects all’; please read them carefully on Behavioural Norms for phase 2.
Also, please visit the page Covid-19: criteria for the management of 'phase 2'.

We suggest you to keep following all updates and future developments of phase two on the relevant page.

Lessons and exams

Lessons and didactic workshops will carry on in the form of distance learning until July 31st, 2020.

All scheduled calendars are confirmed and will be respected as much as possible, to ensure that the students’ training path is not delayed or compromised.

As for exams, instead, starting from the month of May, all written exams will be reprogrammed. In particular, two exam methods will be possible:

  • Digital written test
  • Traditional written exam in the form of distance learning

Find out how to carry out the written exams by reading the guide below. It is obvious that programming these exams, be they written or oral, requires a careful and accurate organization, based on the actual number of candidates: thus, we kindly invite you to enrol only for those exams which you truly intend to take.

Admission tests

Admission tests for regular degree courses, single-cycle master courses, Master degrees and post graduate training courses for academic year 2020/2021 will all be held online;

  • Do you wish to enrol in a regular degree or single-cycle master degree course? You need to take the TOLC, clearly supplied online. Visit the TOLC @ CASA page.
  • Do you wish to enrol in a Master degree? Pre-registration is now open: visit the page and follow the updates, admission tests will be held online.

Students’ help-desk activities carry on online. Any possible need for on-site meetings may be managed by appointment, following indications in Annex 2.

Library access


Access to libraries will be allowed only for loaning and return functions; study rooms will remain closed. For book consultation we suggest you to consult University Library Services to make an appointment.

  • Library loans

For book loans you must submit a request to the University Library System (BiGsearch); your request will be processed and you will receive an e-mail to notify when the book is available.
From that moment, you will have two days’ time to go and collect it from the library;

  • Returns

Baskets will be provided specifically for returning the loaned volumes: these will remain in the basket for 72 hours, to prevent library operators getting in contact with possible virus traces; after 72 hours, the returned volumes will be put back in their place, ready for a new loan.

Library opening times will be 8:30am to 6:30pm.


Unvaried situation

Until new and further safety dispositions, the following activities will continue to be carried on online:

  • Practical or training activities
  • Workshops and tutoring
  • Teacher-student meetings
  • Seminars, summer schools and other summer activities
Covid-19: criteria for the management of 'phase 2'

On this page, you can read the complete text on the criteria to be adopted in the management of “phase 2”.