Letter of the Rector to all students - March 13th 2020

To all  the students of the University of Bergamo


Dear students,

Here I am, writing to you again, only a few days after my latest letter, in which I thanked you for your patience and the sense of responsibility with which you are facing, together with all UniBg staff and friends, this seriously difficult moment.

Frankly, I was hoping there would not be the need for this, but we are all aware of Italy’s critical situation, particularly on our territory, and we are all in pain for this: thus, I am confident that you will understand the further cautionary and precautional measures which I have decided to implement, following DPCM of 11 March. I have, in fact, decided to avoid as much as possible the movement of people, closing almost all university premises and focusing even more strongly on remote work activities for our employees: I take full responsibility for this decision, as I strongly believe in  defending our health and that of all citizens, in and out of Bergamo.

Briefly, as from Monday 16 March and until further notice, all Bergamo and Dalmine university premises will be closed, with the exception of via dei Caniana and via Salvecchio, the latter limited to concierge services. From a practical point of view, this means that:

  • all library services will be closed;
  • via dei Caniana canteen service will remain open especially for students who are staying in university lodgings and/or privately rented homes: if you chose to use this service, I invite you, as you already know, to keep safety distances;
  •  via dei Caniana canteen service will also be delivering meals to Bergamo’s via Garibaldi residence, in full respect of sanitary norms both for packaging and transportation.
  •  remote learning activities will be carried on, also in consideration of the positive experience which up till now has involved more than 80% of teaching;
  • online student meetings are carried on;
  • regarding oral exams, we are currently working on a regulation to manage remote exams but, as mentioned, the previous calendar is, for the moment, suspended till further notice;
  • graduation sessions scheduled for the next weeks, in all cases in online mode, will be rescheduled; we will be letting you know soon the new dates and procedures, to be carried out certainly after 25 March.
  • the Printing Centre will be closed, but students preparing for graduation, who need to print their dissertations, can send files, exclusively via e-mail, to: stampa.unibg@alba2011.com. For further information, you can call the University number 035 205 2555 or, alternatively, Mr Stefano Pappano 335456684 or Mr Stefano Selci 3351378452. 

I was keen to inform you directly about these new measures because I realise that they aren’t pleasant but, at the same time, I feel certain that you will understand. This confidence comes to me also thanks to some of the answers I received to my previous letter, some days ago. In your messages I found sincere support, with respect and affection, and the expression of reasonable understanding, full of human empathy: for this I warmly thank you.

Cheer up, guys! These days, in the (deserted) streets of Bergamo, here and there little notes have appeared saying “all will be fine”. So, I wish to reassure you that, if we all make an effort together, we can do it, and all will truly be fine!

Bergamo’s own hashtag #molamia (#nonmollare, #dontgiveup), circulating on social media and on the city walls, must encourage us all in this way. Actually, if you anagram the word “molamia”, you obtain “l’amiamo” (we love it), and we love our resolution to carry on all together, to overcome this moment with determination and strength. Even at the cost, as it is, of staying closed in our homes.

Always yours, Rector, by now specialized in one-metre far embraces,

Prof. Remo Morzenti Pellegrini