Graduations in the time of Coronavirus

A special day
remote thesis discussion unibg

Today is a special day: the first remote thesis dissertations took place, to respond to the need for academic continuity during the emergency from Covid - 19.
The extraordinary session of March - April, which involves 1354 undergraduates, - 573 are enrolled in degree sessions scheduled until March 20 - is confirmed and will be entirely carried out remotely.

The Rector Remo Morzenti Pellegrini has decided to preside over all the Graduate Commissions, as a sign of encouragement towards his students to face this special day peacefully.

The Message from the Rector

Our decision to be here today aims to encourage all our graduates in such an extremely difficult, uncertain time. Thanks to technology, we can create this virtual space where our thoughts, our opinions, our studies, our roles and our respective skills, simply meet. A great opportunity in a time of difficulty and uncertainty.
I publicly promised to our graduates today, that - as soon as possible - we will reserve a special moment with families and friends to celebrate graduation. I am satisfied with how we, and all the Lombard and Italian universities, reacted fast to guarantee our students to complete their studies.

On the first day, 28 doctors discussed their thesis:
9:30 to 12:30: ten students of the Bachelor in Law degree (Guardia di Finanza's cadets);
After 12:00: seven Law students, and one in Diritti dell'uomo, delle migrazioni e della cooperazione internazionale.

Wednesday March 11th will be the turn of 24 graduates.

Only the teachers, members of the Graduate Commission, had the opportunity to be present, according to the last DPCM.

In the meantime, all frontal teaching activities will be carried out remotely, while the collegial bodies meetings, the exams, any public events and services to the public are still suspended.
The Teacher's effort - in this special time - is to convey with passion, not only knowledge, but, above all, a message of hope and trust.