Entry or assessment test

  • If you want to enroll in a free access degree course, the TOLC, the Cisia Online Test, will only be used to assess your initial skills and set any training obligations to be fulfilled. If you hold language certifications, they might be used as exemption from the assessment of some of the required skills and if you cannot take the TOLC you will have to fulfil the Additional Training Obligations (OFA).
  • If you want to enroll in a programmed access degree course, the TOLC, besides assessing your skills, will be used to establish your place in the ranking and the possibility of enrolling at UniBg.

The TOLC (Cisia Online Test), provided by CISIA, is the test assessing students’ preparation to access degree courses. It is an individual test consisting of questions selected by the CISIA TOLC database and is taken on the computer.

There are many types of TOLC, the full list is available at the CISIA website. The University of Bergamo decided to use TOLC-I, TOLC-E, TOLC-SU, TOLC-PSI.

Each degree course requires different preparation and therefore a different TOLC. For UniBg degree courses, preparation for one of the following TOLCs is required:

  • TOLC-I for engineering courses
  • TOLC-E for economics courses
  • TOLC-SU for humanities, languages and law courses
  • TOLC-PSI for psychology

How TOLCs work

  • Check which type of TOLC is required by the degree course you have chosen to enrol in (for UniBg you may choose between TOLC-E, TOLC-I and TOLC-SU)
  • Register on the CISIA website in the TOLC to take the test of your choice and pay the 30€ enrolment fee, by the relevant dates of the selection session you have chosen.
  • Registration in the TOLC reserved area is required to book the TOLC. To take the test there is a fee of €30 to be paid by credit card or bank transfer (MAV).
  • On the day of the TOLC, to take the test, follow the rules published by CISIA for the TOLC @ HOME.
  • Take the TOLC on the date chosen during registration. Watch the video: what to do on the day of the TOLC.
  • If you pass the test, you must respect the deadlines for accepting the place - as stated in the call - otherwise you will not be able to enrol;
  • If you fail the test, remember that if there are still places available, you will be able to enrol following the changes in the ranking list, according to the procedures specified in the call;
    Pay attention to the progress of the ranking to be able to enrol in the second session if you have not been allocated a place;
  • To continue with the enrollment process, follow this guide. Finalise your enrollment within the established deadlines, and check when and how to fulfil any training obligations.

We invite you to read carefully the call published for programmed access three-year courses to find out the dates and particular cases of selection sessions.

For further information please visit this page (ITA)