Open Day

What is an Open Day
Open Day - studenti sul prato in Sant'Agostino

Open Days are moments in which the University opens its doors: structure and educational offer are presented to future students, providing all necessary information for enrolment and presenting all the student services.

Basically, support is provided to students (and parents!) in favor of an informed and well-thought-out choice for a future life path.

There are different kinds of Open Days: according to the different needs of a high school student who does not yet have a clear idea about University, or of a prospective fresher about to start his/her path, or, even, of an undergraduate student thinking about the choice of a Master course.

Always remember: at Open Days there are no stupid questions, don't be afraid to ask.

Choose your next Open Day

As the next Open Days programs are established, you will find information at the relevant pages:

University Open Day – Bachelor and Master single cycle courses
If you're senior (last year) in high school

University Open Day – Masters’ Degree Courses
If you've graduated (or graduating) with a bachelor degree course

Open Day for 4th year high school students
If you're a 4th year's student in high school