CD Version

Submit your thesis following the rules:
  • A copy of the final paper/dissertation must be delivered to the Students Office on Compact Disk [CD-R], according to the following indications:

  • Students must deliver to the Students Office 1 CD-R in a thin rigid plastic envelope, transparent and re-sealable; if students use the University Printing service, the service staff itself will deliver the CDs to the Students Office

  • Simply labelled CDs will not be accepted: CDs must necessarily be serigraph printed according to each Department’s model, available from the Printing service and downloadable from this page 

  • The CD’s serigraph print must include all required information, including authorization or not for consultation

  • CD model for final paper must be used for three-year degree courses

  • CD model for dissertation must be used for masters / specialist degree courses and for degree courses from the old system (ante D.M. 509/99).

Inside the CD there must be:

  • The final project/dissertation and possible attachments

  • Project abstract (for Departments which so require)

Formats to be used:

  • Final paper/ dissertation and abstract (if required) in non-modifiable .pdf format

  • Attachments in their appropriate format (in case of audio or video files, html, etc.)

The CDs graphic layout must reflect all features indicated in the model proposed for each Department. Students Office will not accept non-conforming versions. Please refer to this page, under the section "Final project / degree dissertation CDs".

Printing services in via dei Caniana, via Salvecchio, S. Agostino and Dalmine are available to students to carry out single operations:

  • Conversion of the final paper/dissertation into certified non-modifiable .pdf format; this format is mandatory, when not certified by Printing services, students must present a self-certification

  • CD burning

  • serigraph print according to indicated models

  • conformity declaration issue.

Only students who don’t use University printing facilities, must fill out the following self-certification form and deliver it to the Students Office together with the CD solo.