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Are you enrolled in a degree program but still need help? Find here useful information.

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Living UniBg
  • How to reach UniBg
    To attend classes and easily move from campus to campus, UniBg has concluded a special agreement with Bergamo's public transport.
    Visit this page and read the agreement details.
  • Where to study
    Libraries are crucial in your academic career: find here the opening hours.
  • Print your files
    Every student is entitled to 500 free prints per year, and a special print center.
  • Lunch and coffee break
    As a student you can have lunch, or have a break from classes and study, at the closest dining service.
  • Enjoy UniBg
    UniBg and UBI Banca are partners: students can use their cards to access to campuses and services, to pay and receive your scholarships, and much more.
Build your career
  • Sportello Internet
    Enroll, compile your study plan, pay your taxes and apply for scholarships: do it here.
  • Students' Web Agenda
    Timetables and calendars are very easy to find: add the Students' Web Agenda to your bookmarks.
  • Need help?
    Students' service offices are located in two different campuses: find where and when ask for help.
  • Ever heard of "wanderlust"?
    Find dozens of destinations to study abroad.
  • Are you graduating soon?
    Remember to think about the next steps: find here the interships UniBg offers to all students.
Digital tools
  • Useful shortcuts
    Different students may have different needs: MyUniBg collects the main shortcuts to easily find every page (form, file, link...) you'll need.
  • Your name @unibg.it
    Use your mail account to receive newsletters, talk to professors and offices and to access to your Google Suite.
  • Tool box
    Did you know that Microsoft lets schools and university to download for free Office 365?