PNRR PhD scholarships: 28 scholarships for innovative doctorates

Promotional graphics 28 scholarships for innovative doctorates

With the DM 117 of 2-03-2023, the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) has made funds available to the University of Bergamo to activate 28 applied research doctoral scholarships in co-financing with local companies.

The co-funded scholarships are part of the PNRR program - Mission 4 Component 2 Investment 3.3, related to industrial doctorates that respond to the innovation needs of enterprises and promote the recruitment of researchers by companies.

These 28 Ph.D. scholarships, which topics and training paths are defined with strong involvement of the co-funding company, aim to conduct applied research projects that, starting from actual and future needs of companies, develop and implement innovative technologies, methods and approaches.

The doctoral program lasts 3/4 years and includes:

  • A period of study and research in the co-funding company from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 18 months
  • A period of study and research at a university or research center abroad from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 18 months

In order to enter a PhD program, candidates must pass a public competition regulated by a specific Call for Applications.

Call for applications: from June 20 to August 25, 2023

The call for applications to access the PhD program (XXXIX cycle) will be published on June 20, 2023 with a deadline of August 25, 2023.

Applicants may compete for up to a maximum of 3 research topics among those proposed within the same Doctoral Course.

In the application, applicants have to:

  • indicate the order of preference of the selected research topics;
  • attach a research project for a topic of his/her choice.

The research project must be written in Italian or English (max 8,000 characters, excluding bibliography and abstract) accompanied by an abstract (max 800 characters, including spaces) and the appropriate bibliography.

The scholarship - and the corresponding research projects- will be awarded to the successful candidates on the basis of an evaluation of the scientific profile, also in agreement with the external entity funding the scholarship.

For all the research topics, the Selection Committee will draw up separate rankings taking into account the scores obtained by the candidate(s) in the evaluation of the qualifications and research project and in the oral test, indicating the names of the successful candidates whose profile presents an index of prevalence/preference in terms of affinity with the research topic.

Health and Longevity
The projects
Engineering and Applied Sciences
Management, Accounting and Finance
Legal Studies
Human Sciences and Welfare Innovation
Technology, Innovation and Management
Why do an innovative PhD?
  • The Ph.D. degree represents the highest level of education provided in the Italian academic system, after the Master’s degree;
  • the educational path involves the definition and development of a research project on innovative topics defined in close collaboration with the co-funding company;
  • the Ph.D. represents a stimulating experience for the student by allowing continuous growth, the development of critical thinking and the ability to solve complex problems through in-depth study and research, opening up career opportunities not otherwise accessible;
  • allows for professional and personal growth through cultural exchange with other countries;
  • the PhD degree gives access to the world of scientific research in academia and industry as well as in private research centers and manufacturing companies.
Why do an innovative PhD in Bergamo?