Other International funding opportunities


In addition to the opportunities offered by the programs of the European Commission there are several other funding opportunities in Europe and at international level:

  • AAL Programme (Active and Assisted Living) aims to support European projects based on collaborative and market-oriented research for a better quality of life for elderly people and for the enhancement of the European industrial base through the development of ICT-based product, services and systems. 
  • Alexander von Humbolt Foundation promotes and supports cooperation projects between German and foreign academics and students.
  • DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst represents the German university system abroad and it fosters mobility programs for Ph.D. students, researchers and professors willing to spend some time in Germany for their studies and research activities. 
  • Fritz Thyssen Foundation provides financial support to research projects and young researchers in the field of human, social and biomedical sciences. 
  • Fulbright Commission fosters academic exchange programs by giving studentship and research grants to Italian and American citizens in university campuses all over Italy and U.S. 
  • Gerda Henkel Foundation support projects and research grants in the field of human and historical sciences. 
  • John Templeton Foundation - "Supporting science – investing the big questions” promotes and supports the dialogue between Science and Philosophy. 
  • National geographic supports innovative and disruptive projects on preservation, education, research, storytelling and technology. 
  • Spencer Foundation promotes, through research grants and fellowships, research in the filed of education and training and in its social, political and economical implications. 
  • Università Italo-francese devises new scientific cooperation models between Italy and France on joint projects, fostering mobility programs for young researches. 
  • VolkswagenStiftung Foundation provides financial supports in human, social and cultural sciences fields.