Identity Management

GARR/IDEM federated authentication

The University of Bergamo participates in IDEM (IDEntity Management per l’accesso federato), the Italian Authentication and Authorization infrastructures federation for Research and Education of the GARR network.

The service was made with the aim of supporting a common framework for the Italian training and research institutions facilitating the access and sharing of Web services. Users of the participating institutions are allowed to access online resources using a single form of digital authentication.

To use IDEM services an authentication is required. The Credentials are those normally used to access the University's online services.

Information on the release of user attributes to resource providers

The services accessible through the federated authentication are made available by members or partners of the IDEM Federation.
The system can release to the resource provider the following information:

  • name, surname and email address of the user
  • anonymous, persistent, non-personally identifiable ID (a string automatically generated by the system that does not contain personal information)
  • user's affiliation with the University (consists of a macro-profile of the user, i.e. Student, Member, Staff, Affiliate, Alumn...).

For further information concerning the service, the users of the University of Bergamo may write to [email protected]