Accounting and Governance: for a sustainable future

The new Master's Degree in Accounting, Governance and Sustainability provided in English

Accounting, Governance, and Sustainability (AGS) are the keywords of the new master’s degree offered by the Department of Management.
The need for a transition toward sustainable socio-economic systems is driving many national and international policy makers (some examples are the 2030 Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs, the European Green Deal and the Next Generation EU plans). Companies play a leading role in this transition and  may have to rethink their business fairly radically.
The Accounting, Governance, and Sustainability master’s degree offers advanced training in governance and accounting issues for international companies. AGS has a primary focus on sustainability-related risks and opportunities.

AGS arises from a previous English curriculum of a master’s degree of the Department of Management. The new AGS provides renewed and up-dated contents, with two curricula focused on different professional skills:

a. Accounting for International Business (AIB)

b. Accounting and Governance for Sustainability (AG4S)

The first curriculum trains students who intend to operate in the accounting, auditing, control, and business consulting for international companies.    
The second curriculum aims to train experts in sustainability governance, risk assessment and management, accounting and reporting.

Why choose this course?

The Master's Degree in Accounting, Governance and Sustainability is designed by the Department of Management of the University of Bergamo to motivate and inspire students to think and search for innovative responses to changes in the contemporary societal, business and organisational context. Look at the key benefits:

  • Acquire competences in business administration including: International Accounting, Strategic Management Accounting, Risk Assessment and Auditing, Governing and Accounting for sustainability, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance
  • Explore examples of real firms that represent best practices for accounting, sustainability, and governance
  • Take part into the development of business projects with real firms, obtaining constant feedback both from Professors, Professionals and from Managers
  • Engage with students and visiting professors from all over the world

Additional reasons:

  • Course taught in English 
  • University Degree valid worldwide
  • Experiential learning
  • Two curricula focused on very hot and trendy topics: Accounting for International Business (AIB) and Accounting and Governance for Sustainability (AG4S)
  • Visiting professors from all over the world
  • Double Degree Program with the University of Dundee (UK)
  • 2 years
  • 120 ECTS
  • Entirely in presence (unless emergency measures are taken by the Italian government)