Second semester lessons and timetable

Second semester teaching timetable

Lessons will start on February 22nd 2021.

The following teaching timetables for each department are being redesigned to facilitate the teaching process:

Department of Law
Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Department of Management Information and Production Engineering
Department of Letters, Philosophy, Communication
Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Department of Management
Department of Economics
Department of Human and Social Sciences

The measures introduced by the University at the beginning of the first semester of the AY 2020-2021 will be implemented again.

Lessons will therefore be held in presence (dual mode) or remotely (online mode). Check the lesson timetables, where the teaching methods for each course are also specified. The timetables may be checked at this link or via the EasyUniBg app.


Lessons delivery methods

This table shows which degree courses will be delivered in presence and which ones remotely.

Attention: workshops, language learning activities, supplementary teaching activities and lessons related to subjects included in the "free choices" of your study plan may be delivered in a different way from the one indicated for the general timetable of the concerned degree course.

Modalità di erogazione delle lezioni per il secondo semestre 2020/2021

Dual mode: face-to-face-lessons

The dual mode consists in the delivery of simultaneous face-to-face and distance-learning lessons. Students may decide whether to go to the university premises to follow the lesson or, if unable to do so, to follow it in streaming. 

Access to university premises and teaching rooms is regulated by the EasyLesson online booking system and through the EasyUniBg app available in Android and Apple stores. From the Book your place in class section you may book your place in the classroom from 1 week before the lesson is due to take place. Last minute bookings may also be made from 16 hours before the starting of the lesson.

Bookings generate an access card with a QR CODE, that is also sent by e-mail, to be shown at the university entrance, where thermo and/or camera scanners are used to measure the temperature. It is necessary to wear a mask to enter the university premises.

Online mode: distance-learning lessons

Remote lessons will only take place via Microsoft Teams, which you can download for free as part of the Office365 suite. To learn how to use all the Teams features you may watch the tutorials in this playlist.

During distance learning lessons you will be able to interact with the teacher according to the rules that he/she sets for each lesson.

Remember that with your UniBg mailbox you also have access to the entire Google for Education suite, that offers you unlimited space on Drive and many more services.

Distance learning degree courses may include seminars or workshops that require attendance. We invite you to check the specific procedures for delivering these activities on the timetable portal or the EasyUniBg app.

Access guide for “virtual classes” in Teams

Check the guide published below. Online lessons (both meetings and live events) will also be published in the Live Sessions Moodle area: simply connect to Moodle and login with your personal user id and password. For any requests, please write to

Guida studenti Teams v.1.1

Watch the tutorial
Security measures: how to behave