Humanities Summer School

The Humanities Summer School is managed by the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the University of Bergamo.


The courses offered:

  • are held in English by lecturers of the University of Bergamo and other international universities

  • are recognized in the study plan as replacing 5/6 ECTS courses, as optional courses or supernumerary courses

  • are compulsory (from Monday to Friday)

  • involve max 20-25 students to guarantee the maximum participation in the teaching program;

  • require a B2 level of knowledge of English

The UniBg students may attend the courses even if they were not included in their study plan. These will be recognized as optional or as supernumerary courses at the request of the student.

To participate in the program you just have to send an email to (we will send prompt confirmation of the available places)

Participation in the courses is free for:

  • UniBg students

  • Erasmus students

  • students from partner universities with which the University of Bergamo has ongoing exchange programs

For students of non-partner universities the fee is €150 for each course

Generally, lessons are held in the location of Piazza Rosate 2, Bergamo – Upper city

Students may attend up to 2 courses of their choice for each period offered (max. 4 courses).

Exams must be taken at the end of the courses.

Courses 2019

june 17th - 28th 2019

  • Visual Culture: Digital Images, Virtual Reality, Videogames and their Cultural Roots
  • Migration, Identity and Memory in a Transnational Perspective

july 1st - 12nd 2019

  • ‘Make’ in Italy: an Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Startupping +
  • Travel Literature Between Land Stereotypes

June Program 1. Visual Culture

June Program 2. Migration, Id., Memory


1st Period

2nd Period

Visual Culture - Final Results

Travel Literature - Final Results

Migration - Final Results

Make in Italy - Final Results


For further information, please download our brochure:

2019 Humanities Summer School: brochure