Procedure for applications

  1. Applications by a Visiting Professor, Visiting Researcher, Visiting Scholar and Visiting PhD Student must be supported by University of Bergamo professors and researchers (including term-appointed researchers) within the frame of a common interest didactic and/or scientific project. Applications should be presented using the specific form, with the foreign academic’s/researcher’s résumé and personal statement (the form can be found in the restricted area of the University’s website), together with a presentation letter by the visiting’s Home University/Institution responsible. Local academics will act as internal references for the guests
  2. The Department board approves the Visiting Professor/Researcher/Scholar/PhD Student status based on the classification above defined, and guarantees, for the whole length of the guest’s stay, a work placement and access to stations, allowing guests to carry out their research and didactic activities
  3. The Department, having approved a visiting period at University of Bergamo, communicates to the relevant offices the names and visit length of foreign academics/researchers who have been authorized to carry out didactic and research activities, to consent access to the necessary services (libraries, laboratories, Academic Services) without the need of a badge. If required, a badge may be issued for periods exceeding the length of 30 days
  4. At the end of their stay, the hosting Department will issue to visiting academics/researchers a declaration certifying their status, signed by the Deputy Pro-rector for International Relations
  5. Departments, together with the Research Service, will collect names and all necessary information to prepare the annual Academic Visiting Register
  6. Departments, together with the Research Service, if necessary, will support the Visiting Academic, with the relevant documents for their access to Italy (invitation letter for the Embassy/Consulate, hospitality agreement following art. 27 ter of Dlgs 286/98 for stays exceeding 90 days) and to regularize their stay on Italian territory (residency permit, registration with the national health system).