Erasmus+ internships/traineeships

The Erasmus+ Community Program allows university students enrolled in Master’s degrees to do a traineeship in one of the countries taking part in the Program.

New graduates may also participate in internships/traineeships mobility, provided they were shortlisted before obtaining their Master’s degree.

The traineeship period may go from 2 to 6 months.

Erasmus+ grantees will receive a Community grant (determined every year) for the period they spend abroad. An additional grant is available for covering special needs costs for disabled students involved in Erasmus mobility programs, whose amount will be established case by case by the Erasmus+ National Agency Indire.

Before the departure, the grantee must have a work program (Learning Agreement for Traineeship) signed by the grantee himself, by the University of Bergamo and by the host foreign Institute.

All the information concerning the call will be posted on the bulletin boards and published on this page.

But first, Curriculum Vitae: