Feeding the fire of entrepreneurship: Theory and practice for the enterprising family

17 June 2019, 09:00 to 21 June 2019, 19:00
via Pignolo 123
Howard Aldrich, UNC Chapel Hill, USA
Jay Barney, University of Utah, USA
Nadine Kammerlander, WHU, Germany
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CYFE - Center for Young and Family Enterprise

In family firms, the intertwinement of the family and the business systems gives the former a crucial role in forging principles, values, and competences that affect entrepreneurial decision-making and outcomes.
For example, family structure, members’ roles and relationships impact the resources made available to the firm and their use, both statically (i.e. at a given point in time) and dynamically (i.e. through family development and transitions, such as childbirth and marriage, but also divorce and death).
Family-related norms, attitudes and their evolution also have implications on entrepreneurial behaviours (e.g., opportunity recognition, new business start-up decisions) and outcomes (e.g., survival, fulfilment of economic and non-economic goals).
Scholars agree it is increasingly important to adopt a family perspective and to focus on the enterprising family as a yet unexploited unit of analysis in entrepreneurship research.

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17th June

AMR PDW on “Advancing theory on enterprising families (and beyond)”, with members of AMR Editorial team. The purpose of the workshop is to develop working manuscripts with the aim of later submission for review at AMR

18th June
Doctoral and Faculty Consortia, where doctoral students and early career scholars can interact on key methodological aspects, related to both qualitative and quantitative methods, and get socialized in the family business field via close interaction with their peers and experienced participating faculty

19th June 
Conference opening, special sessions (including dialogues with practitioners; sponsored research sessions; multidisciplinary research sessions), social dinner and Family Business Entrepreneurship Award

20th June 
Editorial sessions and gala dinner with academic awards

21st June
Family Business day (practitioner speakers, session on how to run a family business center and how to learn from family business cases, networking with local entrepreneurs) and conference closing