Courses of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners

The University of Bergamo has been organizing Italian Language and Culture Courses for foreign students since 1978. During the academic year, CIS (Italian courses for foreigners) section will organize the following courses:

  • Semester Courses
    • Generic 
      5 levels (Beginner to Advanced A1-C1), of 60 hours, in both academic semesters  (October to January, February to May)
    • Special
      Writing (from level pre-B2 upwards; I and II semester), Italian culture (from level B1 upwards; I and II semester), Reading with Expression (from level pre-B1; I semester), business language (from level pre-B2 upwards; I semester), Italian for Humanities (from level B2; II semester),  Public Speaking (from level B2 upwards; II semester). These are 30 hour courses.
    • Individual lessons and Courses by request

Semester courses are open to exchange students, foreign students enrolled in the University of Bergamo and also to foreigners not enrolled in the University.
Courses include an entry test and a final verification test, the results of which can be certified by students’ request. All students will receive an attendance certificate at the end of the course.
For Erasmus students there is also a CFU (Course Credit) benefit: 5 credits for generic courses and 3 credits for specials. To take the final test and acquire credits, Erasmus students must attend at least 50% of lessons.

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Dates and fees a. y. 21/22

  • Intensive Courses


  • General language courses (2 weeks, 40 hours, levels A1, A2, A2+/B1)


  • General language course (1 week, 30 hours, levels A1, A2, A2+/B1)

Please refer to the Documents section for all dates and times.


  • Intensive summer course (July)
    5 levels (Beginner to Advanced, A1 / C1), 100 hours, 4 weeks, with general culture lessons and recreational activities. 2 to 3 week courses are also available.
    Intensive summer course is an international intensive summer course, existing since July 1978. It can be attended for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Beyond the language lessons, the course offers many cultural and recreational activities.