TRKI-TORFL preparatory courses and exams

In October 2000 the University of Bergamo became the first University in Italy officially designated by the Russian Language Head Testing Center for Non-Native Speakers (Golovnoj centr testirovanija graždan zarubežnych stran po russkomu jazyku) – established as main executive body of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with M.D. no. 87 of 19.01.1998 – to represent the interests of the Russian State Testing System in Russian for Foreigners (Rossijskaja gosudarstvennaja sistema testirovanija graždan zarubežnych stran po russkomu jazyku) on the Italian territory, entitled to assess the level of mastery of Russian as a foreign language and issue the relevant TRKI-TORFL international certifications (Test po russkomu jazyku kak inostrannomu - Test of Russian as a Foreign Language).

To this purpose, starting from 2000 the International seminar of Russian language and culture – first in direct partnership with the Russian Language Head Testing Center for Non-Native Speakers, then with the RUDN University (Peoples' Friendship University) and last with Institute IRJAP (Puškin State Russian Language Institute) – offers the chance to enroll in intensive courses of Russian at all levels, from A1 to C2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) aimed at obtaining the TRKI-TORFL international certifications of Russian and to take the related exams at the end of the course.

In line with the language-communication requirements of the TRKI-TORFL levels, the preparatory courses, with special focus on the communication aspect, are aimed at ensuring the simultaneous and integrated development of the five main skills: grammar / lexicon, oral and written comprehension, speaking and writing. Highly qualified lecturers hold the courses from various Russian institutes and universities who work in collaboration with Italian lecturers qualified to teach and hold exams of the TRKI-TORFL system. During the courses students will use learning materials designed specifically for obtaining the TRKI-TORFL certification.

Only preparatory courses with a sufficient number of students will start – the number may vary according to the course.

Applicants may take the tests for the selected certification level even without attending a preparatory course organized within the seminar.