Dual Career UP4SPORT – University Program for Student-Athletes

What is UP4SPORT?

f you are a registered athlete for Olympic or Paralympic sports federations, University of Bergamo allows you to follow the Dual Career UP4SPORT program, which enables enrolled students to follow a flexible academic path, to carry on with their sports career at the same time.

The program is aimed at freshmen, enrolled students and those who wish to resume University studies: as long as you are registered, you can always apply.

Main program features

UP4SPORT program offers a series of benefits, including:

  • Being enrolled as part time student, didactic activities and credits will be spread over longer periods than those of students not following the program; 
  • Possibility of temporarily suspending studies for a year, in case of important sport events, (Olympic Games or World Championships);
  • Tutoring available for administrative issues and access to services, apprentiship and internship;
  • A specific, non-didactic support service for exam preparation is provided;
  • There is a teacher in charge of the program for each Department, as designated by the Rector;
  • If you are not resident in Bergamo, you will be able to use University lodges when taking exams;
  • Constant access to University sport facilities will always be granted.
Contact CUS

Student-athletes may refer to CUS Bergamo for further information and to be contacted by Student Services and by the Office for the Right to Education to receive the specific instructions through which they can apply.