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Why choose UniBg?

We are a student-friendly organisation, with educational and scientific excellence that prepares you to face the future. Our educational offer is built on solid foundations with an interdisciplinary and innovative approach. Thanks to the network of relationships on the territory and in the world, UniBg offers you several opportunities to study, research and enter the job market. 

Because it rewards merit
Students in Rosate

With the Top Ten Student Program up to 10% of students are partially or fully exempt from tuition fees. There is no need to take any test or fill out endless bureaucratic paperwork: we select the most deserving students ourselves!

Because every student is important
Students discussing at Dalmine

We are a student-friendly organisation: everyone is personally supervised so that students and their families are guaranteed targeted attention and care. We guarantee an excellent student-teacher relationship and an orientation service with the possibility of individual or group counselling available for each student.

Because it guides you into the job market
Students at the career day

80% of our students find a job within one year, 17% more than the national average!
The Placement service helps students find and enter the job market, and helps companies find the most suitable candidates for each position they post. 

Students at Sant'Agostino
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We do what it's best for you