Non EU students


 Non-EU Country residents in Italy  wishing to pre-enroll or enroll at 

  • a Bachelor Degree Course and and at  5 Years Master Degree Course taught in Italian 
  • a Master Degree Course taught in italian and Master Degree Courses  taught in english : deadlines to be defined 

follow the same admission rules and deadlines of Italian students. 

In order to receive complete information about deadline and enrolment process and to submit their documents of studies and Information and opening hours  contact  Students' Office  

A limited number of places are available for foreign students not enrolled in Exchange Programmes.

NON EU STUDENTS RESIDENTS ABROAD wishing to enroll to a master's degree course taught in English

Who can apply  who  wish to enroll at a Masters' Degree taught in English:

  • Non-EU students living abroad and living in Italy who have already achieved a foreign University Dploma ( Bachelor)
  • Non-EU students living abroad and living in Italy  who have passed all the exams in their academic career and will obtain an University Diploma (Bachelor)  at a foreign University by April 2019
  • Non-EU students graduating after May can refer directly to the Italian Embassy / Consulate in their Countries


your educational qualifications must be verified by the University of Bergamo  before you enrol in your chosen University Degree programme.

Pre-evaluation  for students wishing to apply for the academic year 2019-20  (starting September 2019) re-enrolment at the Italian Diplomatic Representative in your country of residence:

Non-EU future students resident in a foreign country  who wish to enroll at a Bachelor's Degree taught in Italian, a Master's Degree taught in English, Master's Degree taught in English,  must submit  all required documentation  to the Italian Diplomatic Representative (Italian Embassy or Consulate) in their country (Deadline to be defined) 

MASTERS' DEGREE COURSES TAUGHT IN ENGLISH: pre-evaluation online of the academic career


Master degree courses taught in English: documents required for pre-evaluation online

(We ONLY accept color digital copies of your ORIGINAL documents in PDF format)


  • Copy of the Bachelor degree translated into Italian Language and legalized:

Or copy of the Bachelor degree translated into English

  • Copy of the official Academic transcript of the last three/four years.

This is a certified document issued by the student’s University containing the list of the courses you have attended and the grades you have received (in English)

Apply with the certificates listed in the paragraph or certificates listed in the checklist 

  • Copy of an Official certificate attesting your knowledge of the English language at min. B2 level of the Common European Framework. (SEE THE CHECKLIST BELOW)
  • Copy of the Language of Instruction Certificate:

We only accept letterhead MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION CERTIFICATE issued, stamped and signedby the Registrar’s Office , by the Student’s Officeor by the International relations office of the student’s home University.

It states officially that the program was taught entirely in English. You can submit it if:

  • You have attended and completed a degree program in a country in which English is the medium of instruction;
  • You have acquired a university qualification in Italy or abroad after attending a program taught entirely in English.
  • Copy of your valid passport

The only acceptable form of identification is a valid passport with your full name, photograph, and signature.(Any other document will not be accepted)

  • Major area of study courses Description ( see the list st the end of this page)

This is a document in which you describe the contents, themes, aims and objectives of the main area exams you have taken. It must also contain the number of hours of the courses or training activities that you have attended. (in  English

It is mandatory for all applicants to fill in the form and upload it during the online pre-evaluation (

PLEASE NOTE: In case of double application fill and upload   TWO FORMS.


  • Letter of reference

This is a letter signed by a professor or academic tutor of your University, written on headed paper and with original stamping; the professor’s or tutor’s name, surname and email address must be provided in full. (in English)

  • Curriculum vitae (in English)

Note: Do not upload unrequired documentation 

           Do not send any documentation by email