Fees, Grants and Scholarships

Fees rates/per year:

  • Pre-enrolment fee: € 52,00 (fifty two euro) - To be paid during online pre-enrolment by bank transfer 
  • Enrolment fee: € 156,00 (one hundred and fifty six euro) to be paid in September/October 2018 by bank transfer 
  • Tuition Fee-first Installment: from € 0.00 to € 400.00 (four hundred euro) according to the student's family income - To be paid within 15th February 2019 by bank transfer or by M.A.V.
  • Tuition fee-second installment: from € 0.00 to € 1,700.00 (one thousand and seven hundred euro) according to the student's family income 

To be paid within 15th May 2019 by bank transfer or by M.A.V.

For further information about Family Income check the document below.